Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is Brilliant Drivel Possible?

Well, hi!

Well, it's 2:00am and I can't seem to sleep. I'm not sure if it's a "being 45" thing, or just that I have a lot of things jumping around in my head right now. Either way, you lucky people are going to be witness to what will either be a brilliant, insightful, life changing collection of words, or complete drivel. You decide. (I'm pretty sure on which side of the fence I'll be coming down).

First, the guitar is still kickin' my butt. Not giving up, though. Maybe I just need to find an alternative way of playing it. I don't know..heck, I might just try the "August Rush" approach. If you don't get the reference, you should watch the movie, it's really good.

Next, I didn't get in at the Sundog trade show. At least, not first string. I'm on a waiting list, so if there is a cancellation, I have a shot! By the tone of the letter, it seems I have a pretty good chance next year. I was right at the deadline for applications for this year, next year I'll know to start the process in March. the price you pay for being Green!

I have good news! Lexi's eye surgery was a grand success! Amy (the puppet lady), was able to remove the googly eyes of the original puppet and replace them with the kinder, gentler, felt version. And.......the chances of Lexi being arrested for indecent exposure have gone down considerably! The sewing goddess has put together the "Super Lexi" t-shirt and her jammies! They look incredible! I'll share pictures as soon as I can.

I never got around to starting prep work on either the Milden Centennial gig or the September wedding, but I did manage to add a party to our Rainbow Entertainment agenda for the third weekend in September in Kindersley.

September looks like it's shaping up to be fairly hectic. Do some readings and music in a few schools up North, Wedding in Elbow, Birthday in Kindersley, Word on the street festival in Saskatoon, and the Unity Trade show! Hectic, and I wouldn't miss any of it for the World!!!

So I guess I better get busy, this week, with some prep work. No more slackin' off!

Also jumping around in my head tonight, are thoughts of the mini-renovation we will be doing of our bathroom this fall, trying to get the Lexi puppets ready for McNally, thoughts of pitching the puppet to one of the big toy companies if it seems like it might take off. As it sits, we are not exactly set up for mass producing her. (If I should be fortunate enough for kids to actually want to play with her!)If I do approach them, how do I even start to go about it? I'll have to do a ton of research on that one, so I don't come off as some kind of idiot! How do I picture the next story as a book? How many illustrations? Same style?Size? I need to have it ready for Hazel by Spring. My second daughter was regaling me with tales of how people keep trying to run over her as she rides that crazy motorcycle around on the freeway! Another daughter is feeling stressed about her summer lay off as a school bus driver, another is welding heavy farm equipment 5 days a week and has the burn marks to prove it! Wouldn't biochemistry have been much safer? My other daughter is having problems with her shoulder and nobody seems to be able to nail down a cause, or a solution, for that matter. With her injuries, there is usually something specific to blame it on. She has a tendency to run into things, trip over things, fall up stairs, out of buses...well, you get my drift. When she was 3, she used to ask me why she's the one that gets all the owies? Probably a good thing she turned down that modelling job. Her + high heels + elevated runway = more x-rays. Believe me, that would not be good. It's amazing she doesn't glow in the dark, as it is!

(Sigh)I guess it's no great mystery why I'm not sleeping, after all.

So, brilliant? Well, I don't know that I will ever be brilliant, and if I am, I highly doubt it will take place on an insomnia-driven night at 2am. Drivel? Well, I hope not. Well, not complete drivel, anyway. Thank you once again for reading my ramblings!

As I am very confident that I am not the only one who has a lot on their mind and maybe has trouble sleeping, now and then, I'll leave you, until next week, with this wish for all of us.

May your sleep be filled with only good dreams, ones that make you smile as you awaken.
May you not even have to get up to pee, and to wake up, need to be shaken.

May your slumber be as deep and restful as Sleeping Beauty's fabled doze.
May your Prince Charming wake you with the softest of kisses, and not his frozen toes.

May you sleep until you are done sleeping, no alarm clocks to jolt you from your dreamy bliss.
May you, in times of chasing real shut eye, be able to fall asleep remembering this wish.

Until Next Week!

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