Sunday, July 31, 2011

Indecent Exposure Officially Side-Stepped!

Well Folks, another week of great, not so great, good, and not so good.

First, of course, the great. I received the finished clothes for Lexi! Not only is Lori, the sewing goddess, a genius, but, as it turns out, she is a phenomenally speedy genius!

The clothes are sooo cute, and she looks so adorable in them. My grandbaby is out visiting this weekend and has been loving playing with the Lexis! A very good sign!

Also under the great category, would fall our Milden Centennial weekend.  There has been an awesome turnout at all the events, people catching up with old friends, lots of food, drink, music, ball games, a great parade, and an incredible fireworks show. Our part, the music for the History Tea, was very well received. Pulled out the oldies for an afternoon and dusted them off. It was fun! It's not over yet, there is still music in the park and museum tours and market garden going on this afternoon. Very proud of our little town.

Now, for the not so great. Although the weather has been picture perfect for the entire weekend, the mosquitoes have been horrible! Man, they can literally suck the fun out of being outside!

As for what may fall under the good category of this week's ramblings is the fact that our eldest daughter and her hubby have so generously volunteered to stay for the whole weekend to give us a hand ripping apart our basement walls. We do appreciate the slave labor alot!

The not so good? Well, the fact that we have to take off visiting time with the kids to do grunt work is not so good. Also under this  column would be the entry of the fact that first thing this morning I was stung by a wasp right in the arch of my foot. Twice!  Hopefully it doesn't hinder the demolition efforts too much. What a dumb place to get stung, Geez!

Now, for the upcoming week.

As I am off work until Thursday, the centennial is finished, and hopefully by the end of this long weekend, the basement walls are pretty much gone, I plan to dedicate myself completely to the guitar effort. I've been assured by a seasoned musician that if I just give it 3 solid days of practice, I'm talking hours a day, I should have those chords down cold.  I sure hope so!

Also, assuming the walls in the dungeon will be obliterated, I can hopefully start moving some the basement stuff back down there.  I love my Christmas and Halloween decorations and sound equipment just fine, but I really don't want them in my kitchen, dining room, living room, and hallways anymore!

Thanks again to all out there who are reading these ramblings. From the family and friends on North American soil to those I've yet to meet in England, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Thailand, Australia and all those in between. Thank you.

Until next Week.

May you keep in mind that all those you meet are simply an "as yet to be introduced" friend.
May you nurture carefully your happy relationships and your fractured ones, may you mend.

May you enjoy a comforting sense of community no matter where on this planet you may live.
May you always keep in mind that to receive that sense of security to your community you must give.

May you take daily moments to enjoy your view, whether it be an ocean, a valley, or a city street.
May you remember that though the grass may be greener on the other side, it may not be as sweet. Tell your friends!

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