Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Almost Over, What!


Thanks so much for taking the time to read these ramblings, I really do appreciate it very much.

So, as you can see, the basement demolition is still in full swing! This picture makes me a little sad, for this is the wall that stood between our girls' bedrooms. There were two girls in each room. Sometimes it was the two older and two younger, sometimes the oldest and youngest partnered up and the two middle ones became roommates. Sometimes 1st and 3rd, 2nd and 4th. They switched it up fairly regularly.

The wall colours, as they were when we had to tear them down, (and I say that because they changed colour a few times) were very interesting. It probably will make a few of you shake your heads. You see, we never had a problem letting the girls paint their rooms whatever colour, and as a result one was painted pitch black.This included all of the furniture, with a black light and the posters and whatnot that goes with that. On the walls, in chalk, was a collage of sayings from their friends, favorite quotes, and some poetry.

The other bedroom, was hot pink with sapphire blue splattered over it. The furniture in this room was painted the same, like a neon chameleon! The light fixture, a model of the solar system.

So it was with heavy hearts that my hubby and I went about ripping apart the rooms that were witness to many a late night giggle session, fights over toys, whispers about boys, under the breathe choice words for parents, and odd screaming match.

Through the years, I can't even tell you how many times each of them would propose some way to get their own room. Now they are all grown and the two middle ones are, you guessed it, roommates! And the youngest one only recently moved out of her eldest sister's spare room!

Also this week, the storage unit my hubby has been working on was completed! I was able to put all of my extra bedding, and two air beds in it with room to spare! Whoop Whoop! As soon as I was finished, I started tearing apart the monstrosity of a built in that was the former home of these linens. Oh, yes, I did enjoy the smashing of that awful thing!

This week also marks a bit of a milestone for Lexi the puppet. On Thursday, I took one puppet, with the sets of clothes I have, in to work with me to let the 6 year old little girl I care for have her for the weekend. I asked her to do me a favor and play with her for a few days, and then let me know what she thinks on Monday. I was so pleased to see when she woke up on Friday and came bouncing down the stairs, as she does, that Lexi was getting bounced down the stairs as well. Still in her jammies too! She really seems to be enjoying her. So far, the reviews are pretty promising. Hopefully they stay that way throughout the week end.

Thursday also marked another big milestone. My eldest daughter turned 25! You know, I can close my eyes and go back to that time in a heartbeat. I was 20, knew nothing, and had just gone through an exhausting 60 hour labor with a doctor that apparently had missed the class where they talked about epidurals.  But, when they laid her on my chest and I looked into that puzzled little face, it simply confirmed for me what I had known my whole life. I'm a Mom.

I have no fancy degrees, and my jobs have always worked around my kids. I do, however, have a Phd in diaper changing, a Masters in boyfriendacology, and a real knack for getting fussy babies to sleep. And as in the case of all Moms, I have magic kisses that can cure almost any owie. I wouldn't have it any other way!

My week was topped off on Friday with a complete afternoon of playing hooky with my baby sister. We met for an extremely leisurely lunch, and then went for an absolutely frivolous mall crawl right up until I had to run to pick up my hubby from work! Not one errand was ran, the entire time. Crazy!

So for the upcoming week,

Still compiling music for the wedding in Elbow.
Basement and Bathroom
Reading/signing at the Farmer's Market in Saskatoon on Wednesday morning.(10:30am-12:00pm) Come say hi!
Getting photos done with the hubby on Saturday. ( Excited and nervous, we've never had pics done before! Not even at our Wedding!)
Oh, and work.

So until next week,

May your "back to school" shopping come and go like a Summer breeze.
May you find everything on the lists, in one store, with the easiest of ease.

May you find all of the "cool" clothes on sale, along with the notebooks, pencils and pens.
May all of the "best" shoes miraculously become the cheapest in the bargain bins.

May you remain calm in the process of school shopping, and not have to explain why that belt can't possibly be a skirt.
May you magically be able to convince your teenage son that the crotch of his jeans shouldn't actually drag in the dirt!

May you not know the heartbreak that comes when the last Dora or Transformer backpack has already been sold.
May you be able to convince them that your old Cosby Kids one is really better, cooler, like gold!

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