Sunday, August 28, 2011

One Demolition Down! One to Go


Well let's see. It seems like this week has gone by so fast and all I did was run around like a chicken with my head cut off!  Ok, I just read that back to myself and realized that there are most likely quite a few of you out there that didn't grow up on a farm, and probably are not familiar with butchering chickens!

So let me rephrase, it seems like this week has gone by and all I did was.... run aimlessly in circles without direction or cause.  Or....... dance around like a cowboy in an old western while the bad guy shoots at his feet!

Anyway, I'm sure you get the idea. 

So, Monday, I went to work and did some shopping for what will be, my new beautiful bathroom. I know you have to be getting sick of hearing about it. To understand my excitement, you need to know from whence this bathroom came. ( I know, whence, right?)

When we moved into this house the size of the bathroom was a huge selling point, it's  about 12' x 10'. With 4 girls, a big asset. The way it was decorated, on the other hand, was something else. Let me see if I can give you a visual.

Picture it, a stained tub surrounded by walls the colour of lilacs in June. A valance hides a shower curtain covered in bright fish of all the colours of the rainbow. The valance itself is enveloped in wallpaper enhanced by a pattern that is usually reserved for only the grandest of circuses, as the purple, yellow, red and orange stripes seem to come to life! The valance has a twin that lives above the tall narrow window that is conveniently situated right next to the toilet as to provide a great view to anyone passing on the street.  The vanity, oh the vanity. Well it's large and cumbersome, made from rough plywood and with a top covered only in the brightest red laminate, that of course was adhered to the surface with the highest quality of glue so it would never COME OFF!

The remaining walls are not painted, nor do they have wallpaper adorning their surfaces. No they are covered in horizontal strips of pine, because of course everyone knows only the best circuses take place in log cabins.

Last, but not least the floor. Ah, yes, the floor.  In a stroke of decorating genius, in a thought that must have hit like an epiphany, the floor was done in, yes, you guessed it, purple shag carpet!  No, I know what you are thinking, " oh they probably cheaped out and put in that short pile shag". I can reassure you they did not! It was long and luxurious and held moisture better than any other wall to wall carpeting in a bathroom ever could!

Since we've moved in, we have done some changes over the years, as the budget would allow, but some elements of that old bathroom still remain. For instance, the pine, and the red counter top. Yeah, they gotta go.

So please forgive my obnoxious excitement, I promise it will be over soon.

In the meantime, the demolition of the basement is complete! Just a little sweeping up and then my Christmas and Halloween decorations can go back downstairs along with all of the sound equipment! Yay, I can have my kitchen back!

So the ripping up of the bathroom should commence later today!

On the book front, Puppet Lexi has been making rounds and getting played with, HARD! So far, she is standing up pretty well, and all the kids, so far, are really enjoying her. A great sign!

So this week, I'll be putting the finishing touches on the music for the wedding we are doing in a couple of weeks, and do some rehearsing for the party we are doing the weekend after that.

I also want to do more research with toy manufacturers and see what the next step is to getting Puppet Lexi out there in earnest.

I'm also working on a new story, and trying to get it fleshed out.

So until next week,

May any projects undertaken get finished without incident.
May all on your honey do list get accomplished without accident.

May everything needed, be purchased without the budget having to break.
May you have the fortitude and creative book keeping so the stress you can take.

May the finished project look even better than it did in your mind's eye.
May it turn out soooo, beautifully, you simply want to cry.

Ok, I'm done.

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