Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Hurdle to Jump, Surprise! Not Really

Hi all!

Well let me start out by saying this week didn't quite produce the results I was hoping for.

Hey I've definitely had worse weeks, as that goes, this doesn't even hit the top ten, but was a titch disappointing all the same.

On the up side, Rainbow Entertainment (aka Randy and I) did get booked for that wedding in June. It's taking place at a Regional Park and should be gorgeous! Now that she has one less thing to worry about, I'm hoping this stressed bride can destress a little and enjoy.

Also on a lighter note, I didn't tell you last time, but, last weekend, I autographed a book for a kid with the coolest name on the planet!

His Grandma was buying him a copy of "A Crazy Day" for a stocking stuffer. I asked, as I always do, if she wanted it signed to anyone in particular. That's when she told me his name. I asked if it was a nickname, to which she shook her head disapprovingly and said, "Sadly, no."

This was the first and most likely will be the last time I autograph a book to a child with the legal name (insert drum roll here)...Rocket!

His actual given names are Rocket Bobby. I won't give you his last name for privacy reasons plus I wouldn`t be able to spell it to save my life. But, yeah! Rocket!

How do you NOT give a job or promotion or admit into your school a guy named Rocket! How does he NOT become king of anything he chooses to do with that kind of name! If there is such a thing as coming back, in the next life I wanna be named Rocket!

I did get in touch with the toy broker people this week. Although it wasn`t the enthusiastic, let`s get this in stores now, I can`t wait to shop this to manufacturers answer I had been hoping for, it wasn`t all bad either.

Remember, I had mentioned a few weeks ago their evaluation could go one of three ways.
1) Let`s hit the ground running
2) Need to work out a few things then revisit
3) Dumb idea, move on and save yourself from future humiliation ( I could be paraphrasing here)

Well, my evaluation came in at a solid 2. 
1) They would like to see `Lexi`s Magic Clothes` on the national best sellers list, to prove appeal.
2) The fact she doesn`t use batteries concerns them a little, but is not a deciding factor. (She is imagination driven, I think they are underestimating kids, personally)

So, as I see it, my goals and time frames for those goals have changed a little.

I don`t want this to become a stress filled, deadline making, fun sucking project. So, I`m going to try to let it happen in natural time and be happy if and when it does.

On the other hand, it is not my nature to do so. Everything in me screams to get Lexi on that best sellers list waaaaay sooner than later. Every fiber of my being wants to prove them wrong about the her appeal. Yes, bells and whistles get kids' attention in the short term, but they always come back to the imagination driven toys. Teddy bears, a plain old hot wheels car, a coloring book, a doll. I don`t want `Lexi`to be a flash in the pan fad toy, I want her to be that `go to` toy kids come back to again and again.

So folks, I`m really going to try and find a happy medium between the two. We`ll see how that goes.

In order to make the best sellers list in Canada you need to have sold 5000 copies of a single title.
To date, 745 copies of `Lexi` have found their way into the hands of wee ones. Gives you an idea of the hill I have to climb.

From what I can gather these numbers are actually quite good. When put beside other independent and traditionally published authors from Saskatchewan, we are holding our own quite well. 

But, in order to make that best seller list, realistically, I need to get national. I`m working on it. This is where the book industry tends to snub independent authors and puts road blocks and hoops in our path that they don`t put in the path of those published the tradtional way. I`m working on that too.

But, again, I`m going to try and find a balance. I need to balance my need for peace with my need to kick ass and take names.  I will try. 

Now for the upcoming week,

I`m really hoping that at least some of the finishing touches on what will soon be my new beautiful bathroom will completed.

I will be doing a bit of doctoring this week, nothing serious, just stuff.

I need to start rehearsing for the Holiday party we are doing on the 3rd of December. They really like swing music, so I`m going to need to brush up on my Andrew Sisters and Brian Setzer stuff.

Also this week, we will be attending our first Christmas party of the year where we just get to be guests. (This doesn`t happen often, so we definitely enjoy)

As a result, next week`s blog will be a titch late. Probably won`t be up until Sunday evening.

Until next week folks, I`ll leave you with some thoughts to honor those who fight for our freedoms, both past and present.

May those from past battles, who have passed from this place, be at peace, as heroes should.
May their families feel some pride through their grief, may they find some hint of comfort, as only a hero`s family could.

May those out there still fighting be safe and come home whole in body, in mind and in soul
May the families of these brave soldiers be brave in their own right, through missed  birthdays, birth days, missed turkey and mistletoe.

May we pass on to our children the importance of saying thank you even if it`s only on this rememberance day.
May we help them understand how different it could be here and now, if their sacrifices had not been made.

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