Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monkey Wrenches and Laughter!

Hi all!

Late as promised, but I made it.

I'd like to start this week's ramblings by thanking and welcoming everyone who reads them. It never seizes to amaze and overwhelm me when I see new readers jumping in from all over the world. So if I haven't officially done so, I would like to say hi and thank you to those of you chiming in from Latvia, Russia and Spain. My continued appreciation goes to all of you who chose to join me on this crazy journey every week from here in North America and beyond.

Well, this week, folks, had a bit of a monkey wrench hidden in the wings.  If you recall last week, I mentioned a bit of doctoring I needed to do. I needed to get a minor procedure done on Tuesday. Let's just call it a 45 year old uterine tune up. It really is nothing serious, hundreds are done on a weekly basis.

As luck would have it, I had a bit of a reaction to the pain meds they gave me, and then another reaction to the meds they gave me to counteract the previous reaction. Nothing major just enough of a reaction to be, let's just say, "unpleasant."

This made the almost 90 minute car ride home quite delightful.

Anyway, to make a too long story a little shorter,  I suck at being a patient. I'm much more used to, and comfortable with, being on the other side of the care giving. As a result, I went to work a day too soon and basically paid for it the rest of the week.

All is good now, not quite firing on all cylinders yet, but close.

At some point in my life I'm sure I will learn the lesson I'm certain I'm supposed to in these situations. At some point. You'll be the first to know.

In the meantime, the progress on what will soon be my new beautiful bathroom, came to a screeching stall this week. I'm really hoping real progress is made in the upcoming week.

Rehearsing didn't happen either, as the stairs were not a great option for a good chunk of the week.

But, we did get to attend the Christmas party last night. It required nothing but checking into a nice hotel, getting dressed up, and taking an elevator ride to partake in a lovely meal and a night of stand up comedy.

It was a great night! First off, we received a free upgrade to our hotel room! Gotta love it when that happens! Yep, we ended up in a beautiful suite, complete with fireplace and vaulted ceilings.
Then, after enjoying a wonderful meal, we had the pleasure of laughing our faces off with a couple of comedians. I'm not sure if you'd be able to find it on YouTube or anything, but, if you have time and a bit of a twisted sense of humor, try and find the song, "Octogenarian Love Machine." Hilarious!

Also, through the course of the evening I found myself seated beside a lovely young lady, who happens to be the better half of one of the new guys at my hubby's work. As it turns out, she is an elementary teacher in Saskatoon and would like me to come and do a reading at her school. She also told me about a Canadian toy manufacturing company that supports educational toys. I'm definitely going to research the company and see what I can find out.

It never hurts to check it out.

Then, the hubby and I made a couple of stops on the way home, and I was able to knock a couple of things off of my Christmas list! Woot!

So folks, that's how this week went in this neck of the woods. As for the upcoming week?

Well, let's see.........

Have to rehearse......if you know of any songs that are good to swing dance to, I'm am very open to suggestions. you think if I repeat it enough times, it will just hurry up and finish itself?

Drop off parts for snowblower so they can find and order new parts. We neeeeeeeeeed parts. November in Saskatchewan + No Snowblower = Very sore and grumpy hubby.

Knock a few more things off the Christmas list.

Start figuring out what will be on the Christmas baking list for this year.

Go to work.

Check out Canadian toy company. (Crossing fingers while doing so?)

Until Next Week,

A nod to the seemingly invisible:

May you really take notice of the person making change for your morning coffees.
May you see them for the person they are, not just your first stop on the way to the office.

May you try to understand the intricate ballet that is every servers' noon lunch rush.
May you be patient and considerate and realize you are only one of many that need your lunch rushed.

May you take a moment to say a genuine hello to the one scanning and packing up your wares.
May you take note of those, left behind after the party, wiping tables, and stacking chairs.

May you say thank you in any way you can, to your bus driver, mailman, the guy coaching your kids' game.
May you truly appreciate that without this invisible service army, our lives really wouldn't be the same.

Have a Great Week!

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