Monday, November 7, 2011

Wow! What a Weekend!

Hi all! Sorry I'm late, I'm going to blame it on the weather, and that's not the lame excuse that it seems!

The drive home from North Battleford was pretty crazy. Normally it takes a shade under 2 hours to do the trip, this time it took 31/2 hours. You see, we had a fairly generous snowfall over the weekend. That, combined with the just below freezing temperatures, made for very interesting highways. So when I got home, I had some supper, had a run at the tub and hit the sheets.

The weekend and trade show, not counting the roads, was a complete success. Now, I suppose that depends on your definition of success, but personally, it was right up there on my success-o-meter.  Sales maybe didn't quite hit the same mark as last year, but crowds were not as dense due to the lovely weather.

In my mind, the success came in not just book sales, but connections. First, there is Nikki, of Nikki's Knacks. An awesome lady who is a huge advocate of emphasizing the importance of reading in reserve schools. She plans to help facilitate some readings on reserves around the Battlefords.

Then, there is a stressed bride-to-be who is looking for a DJ for her wedding. She has been very discouraged by what she is finding available out there. The $1100+ cost, plus mileage, with the possibility of some restrictions that she is being quoted is a big part of why my hubby and I do DJ and Karaoke gigs. We both believe it's very possible to do a professional, fun show with quality equipment without charging an arm and a leg. So, yeah, there is a very real possibility we could be assisting a very nice young couple in making their wedding the one they have been dreaming of and working toward.

Then there is Kaylee. Kaylee, and kids like her, are the biggest part of why I love doing what I'm doing. Kaylee is in grade 3 and, in the process of browsing the wares at the trade show, saw my booth and brought her Mom to say hi. I recognized Kaylee from one of my readings, and she, me.  After a little chat with Kaylee, something caught her attention and she moved on to another booth. Her mom lingered. She told me that Kaylee has had trouble reading right from the start, and they have been struggling to keep her engaged in the process. Then one day, she came home from school and enthusiastically announced that when she grows up she is going to be an author, just like her favorite author, Margy Reid. And, since that day, has had a renewed excitement in learning to read.

I can't even begin to explain how incredibly humbling and overwhelming it was to hear those words.

Yeah, all in all, (in spite of the icy roads) this weekend was an incredible success. Catching up with old friends, making new ones, selling a few books, and Kaylee. Does it get better?

Now, for the upcoming week.

I need to get in touch with the people in charge of the upcoming parties we are providing entertainment for in the next few weeks.
1) Christmas party for School Bus Drivers on Dec. 3rd
2) Girl Scout benefit on Dec 16th

I also need to:
* send a Rainbow Entertainment info package to the bride-to-be I told you about earlier.
* buy another interior door for what will soon be my new beautiful bathroom!
* get in touch with the toy broker people to see if there is any word about the puppets. (What? You really, truly thought I would wait until they contacted me?)
* start construction on the skirting for the tub
* do laundry
* clean up the construction zone that is my house
* getting groceries would probably be a good idea
* Oh yeah, I should probably go to work.

So in honor of the first snowfall of the season: Until Next Week:

May your tires hold to the road whether they are snow tires or not.
May you keep it shiny side up as you are travelling about.

May you not encounter those drivers who drive as though in a video game.
May those that do realize that your couch and the freeway are NOT one in the same!

May those who white knuckle it as soon as the temperature dips take a bus.
May they realize that their fear makes it ten times worse for the rest of us!

Thanks for your patience, and for reading these ramblings, once again.

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