Saturday, November 26, 2011

How Many More Sleeps Til Christmas?!

Hello all!

Well, you know the holiday season is here when the little ones start asking how many more sleeps til Christmas! This was the first thing said to me when I walked into work on Monday. The six year old little girl I care for came running to the door, asking.

Wouldn't it be nice if we were all able to keep that unabashed excitement for Christmas? The unjaded, complete and utter joy that comes with every day that passes and brings us that much closer to that very special day.

Personally, I pretty much get just as excited now, as when I was a kid. The joy has grown from receiving to giving. The quest to put that look of incredulous disbelief on the faces of those we hold close. The desire to find that special gift, individually thought out, and sought out.

I know it sounds crazy, but I love the hustle and bustle of being out in the Christmas crowds. The only draw back is the time spent in the check out line. Ahhhhh, in a perfect world, no check out line would be more than 5 minutes long. On the other hand, you meet a lot of interesting people there.

Now, especially, is the time of year to bring on the random acts of kindness. Christmas is a great time of year for a lot of us, but can be extremely stressful and miserable for others. You don't usually have to look very hard to recognize that look. Most of us have worn it a time or two in our own lives and recognize it like our own reflection in the mirror.

The young couple keeping a running total of the items in their cart, the woman debating between a carton of milk and a dozen eggs, wondering which she can do without. The kids enthusiastically checking out the toy department followed by parents that know none of these treasures will be making their way into their home this year.

Having experienced random acts of kindness from both ends of the spectrum, I can tell you this. They are important, and carry with them a weight of gratitude that lasts a lifetime. I will be forever grateful to the anonymous angels who left the ingredients for a full Christmas dinner on our doorstep one year when, otherwise, there wouldn't have been Christmas at all.

Some years later, we were honored to be able to pay it forward to another young, struggling family. This may sound strange, but being able to give another family what we had once received filled us with just as much gratitude, if not more.

Speaking of being grateful, I am very grateful for the wonderful family I have. A supportive and loving husband, four incredible daughters, a good-hearted son-in-law and a wonderful grandson. I'm so excited that we will be welcoming another grandson into the family! Our youngest daughter is expecting a little one quite soon, and we are all thrilled!

Wow, sorry, I kinda got on a rambling rampage there, didn't I?

Well, this week, I was able to manage a little rehearsal time. The Christmas party we are doing is on Friday. Slowly, but surely, we are learning some swing dance songs. Some, I'll just have to fake my way through as best I can. They are pretty old songs. With any luck, none of these folks will be overly familiar with the ones I`ll need to fudge. Cross your fingers.

We still have no snow blower, waiting on parts. Luckily it has been pretty warm the last couple of days, and there is no snow in the forecast. Maybe the parts will get here before the next snow, just maybe.

I checked into the Canadian toy company I told you about last week. From what I can gather, it`s more a line of toys than a toy company. I plan on checking them out further, though. After all, they get their toys manufactured somewhere, never hurts to snoop. Maybe, just maybe, whoever took the chance on their line of toys will take a chance on my Lexi puppet!  I know I said I would try to sit back and let this puppet thing happen naturally, but we all know sitting around waiting, is not my strong suit. Besides, it`s just a little snooping.

Now, for the upcoming week. I need to:

* knock a few more things off the Christmas list



*go baby wrangling (work)

*make sure everything is ready for the show on Friday

*further check into the Canadian toy company

Well folks, I think that`s it for my ramblings this week.

Until Next Week, Take Care!

May you find joy in the madness that is the countdown to the Holidays.
May you find every treasure you`re searching for, in all ways.

May the time spent with friends and family be plentiful and rich.
May laughter take over in most conversation, keeping it sweetly on pitch.

May you connect with those you think of often, but rarely get to see.
May you completely enjoy all encounters, abandoning insecurities, truly being free.

Thanks for comin!

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