Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cat Stories and Baby Games!

Hello, Folks!

The above picture depicts our cat in the position in which he spends 99% of his time.  As cats go.... well, let me put it this way......... he's not exactly the the sharpest claw on the paw.  For example:

As we watched through the window one lovely afternoon, we discovered our cat in the midst of putting his instinctual cat prowess to the test. You see, there were several sparrows hanging out in the lilac bush in front of our house, and beside it...our cat. He crept, oh so slowly, and deliberately, toward said bush, stalking his, or what he so hoped would be his, soon to be, prey.

Then, his time came, his time to attack, his time to reap the rewards for all of his hard work. As it happens, the timing of "his time" was off, just a titch.

Long story short, he jumped waaaaaay to soon, scared all of the birds away, and landed himself square in the middle of the lilac bush. Stuck. Yeah, not the sharpest claw on the paw.

People sometimes ask what we call our cat. He is a cat. It doesn't matter what we call him, he doesn't answer to it anyway. He is a cat, he will call us when he wants something. He is a cat, an inept, starve to death if left to his own devices cat, but a cat, all the same.


I don't know about you, but, this week went by very quickly!

 I did get in touch with the disaster relief people, ( an actual person! ), and they assure me that we will be assigned an adjuster by the end of the month and an assessment of the damage will follow shortly thereafter. Yay! The ball is rolling! It may be rolling at the speed of dark, but it is rolling.

Income tax stuff is not ready for accountant yet. Might be a good job for a Sunday. Ah, who am I kidding? It's not a good job for anytime, it will suck no matter when it gets done.

It was my first full week with my new schedule, with 2 days off during the week. First one went great, hubby had the day off too. We got a few little odd jobs done, I got caught up with my sisters and mom on the phone, laundry, etc. The second day off, I was going to take a DAY OFF! I was going to have a long soak in my beautiful tub, go downstairs and play around singing a bit, go for a walk........yeah, none of that happened.

You see, I was expecting a delivery from a courier and it was supposed to show up by no later than 1 or 2 in the afternoon. So I put off my soak in my beautiful tub, didn't dare go downstairs for fear of not hearing the doorbell, couldn't go for a walk, in case I missed him. Once 4 o'clock came and went, I tried to call the courier office and was met with a voicemail. I tried again at about 5, again voicemail. I then went to the website, typed in the tracking number, and, imagine my surprise when I saw on there that the driver had put in that he had attempted delivery, but the business was closed! Not exactly sure what business he was refering to, as the delivery address was that of our house.

I called the office again...........When we got home Friday after work, the package was in our entry, and there was a profuse apology on our voicemail. As the saying goes, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil."  Sometimes I can be a very squeaky wheel.

The week ended on a very high note. Today was my baby's baby shower. Organized by her big sister, hosted by her godmother/auntie, assisted by other big sisters, attended by good friends. It was a lot of fun, interesting games that involved examining and identifying contents of diapers, ( chocolate, not poop!), word scrambles, and DON'T say cute! All in all, a really nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

So, for the upcoming week.

Income tax stuff. (speaking of poop!)

Book polishing.

Help my daughter get her apartment ready for baby.

Play with munchkins at "work"

So, with babies on the brain, I'll leave you with this wish:

May you get the opportunity to snuggle a baby, and have them fall asleep in your arms.
May you breathe in their innocent baby scent and fall deeply under the spell of their charms.

May you take time to gaze at a sleeping face, where eyelashes so long brush a chubby cheek.
May you absorb some of the utter contentment and calm, that, as adults, we can only seek.

May you touch this angel's hair so fine, give each soft, gentle curl a lift. 
May you deeply understand, in that moment, how every baby, all babies, are truly, a gift.

Until Next Week!

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