Saturday, January 7, 2012

Baby Talk, Toddlers, and Touchdowns!

Hello All!

I just thought I would put up a couple of pictures to show you what it looked like in my driveway this time last year (top pic) and what it looks like tonight (bottom pic). Personally I kind of like the lack of snow. I know, I know, it's pretty much sacrilegious to say so out loud here in good old Saskatchewan. The skiers, both downhill and cross country, snow boarders, snowmobilers, sledders, ice fisherman, skaters and tobogganers would probably have me deported! So, let's just keep it between us, k? It's not that I don't enjoy snow as much as the next Canadian, but I have to admit it's been pretty nice to travel back and forth to work without the threat of getting stuck or snowed in every other minute.

So this week. Well, we brought the new year in with good company, a few cocktails and playing "Wipeout" on wii. It was a lot of fun.

Then it was back to work time, or so it should have been. I was supposed to start back to work on Tuesday, but, yeah, that didn't happen. Finding sleep Monday night was like trying to find a tap dancing snake that quotes Shakespeare. I sooooo hate it when that happens. The severity of the insomnia seems to be completely relative to earliness of the hour at which you need to get up. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that because I needed to get up at 4:45am, I finally fell asleep at 4:05am.

Driving for a couple of hours to work and another couple home just didn't seem like a safe thing to do. So, although I hate to do it, I had to contact the lady I work for and let her know I wouldn't be in.

I've heard from women friends going through menopause, that insomnia comes with the territory. I'm really not looking forward to this becoming a regular thing. But, I'm 45, going to be 46 in a couple of months, so I guess that could very well be the reason for it.

I keep wanting to blame the craziness that has been surrounding our lives in the last little while, what with bathroom reno, interrupted by basement flood, back to bathroom reno, dealing with disaster relief people, readings, trade shows, karaoke shows, and maybe the surprise of a new grand baby on the way, but, maybe it's just good old fashioned menopause. I guess time will tell.

So, now that I have that little rant out of the way, I can tell you that there are 29 days left until above mentioned grand baby is due to make his appearance. We are all getting very excited. I'm so honored that my daughter wants me to be her delivery coach.

Having been there when Ethan was born, I know this.

Although it is incredibly hard to watch your child go through what she needs to go through to have her baby, and, although, in those moments you would trade places with her in an instant to save her from what you know is coming, it is the most amazing thing in the world to watch as your baby becomes a Mother.

You look in her eyes and watch the expression go from "Mommy, please make this go away" to one that holds a sudden realization and understanding of everything you have said, and tried to say. You see on her face the love for her baby that you have for yours, and she gets it. You can tell. In that instant, your baby is a baby no more.

So, this coming week will be the first full week of working with my new schedule. I'm going from 4 days a week to 3. I think it will work out great. It will provide me a bit more time for writing and working on promotional and distribution ideas for books. I'm kicking around a couple of things, I'll definitely keep you posted.

I'm going to have to get serious about getting things ready for the accountant this week, I usually have it done and handed over to him by now... have to get a move on.

As we still haven't heard from the disaster people, I'm going to try, again, to get in touch with them. It's government run, so I foresee a long fruitless journey down an arduous path of red tape in my future.

Also this week, I need to start putting some polish on the next book. It's going to be March before I know it!

This week's adventures will also include very exciting things like laundry, vacuuming, dusting, and gratuitous toilet scrubbing, but, it will finish on a very high note with our daughter's baby shower and supper out with friends.

As more readers from more countries are joining in on this journey, I thank you all for taking the time to read these ramblings, once again.

Today, we were visited by my hubby's sister, her husband, and two of her three beautiful grandkids. Keeping them in mind, I'll leave you with this week's wish.

Until Next Week!

May you have the opportunity to shove your hand in a sock and make it talk to a toddler.
May you experience the joy in playing dress up, including sparklies, with one, who, in high heels, is quite a wobbler.

May you know the thrill of watching a 3 year old do her very first touchdown dance.
May you get to witness a toddler, by his granny, get spun, pretty much, out of his pants.

May you get to spend hours being silly and goofy, and playing spur of the moment games.
May you play until you can play no more, until exhaustion steals your mind of your own name.

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