Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Countdowns Begin!

Ok, you caught me.

Hey, we're sneaking up on February, so a little daydreaming about summer is allowed. Long, warm days, bar-b-ques and sipping cold drinks on the deck. Won't be long now. Well, let's see.....groundhog day is approaching, and I believe this is how it works. If the groundhog either sees or doesn't see his shadow we either will or won't have approximately 6 weeks of winter left. Now, let's see, 6 weeks from groundhog day is...........oohhh March 15. Yup, wouldn't be too surprised if the weather starts warming up around then!

Excuse my sarcasm, I certainly don't mean to offend any groundhog day fans. I blame the cabin fever, or, as we call it where I come from, getting "shack wacky."

Well folks, about a week or so from now, my new grandbaby is due to make his way into this world.
The finishing touches on the crib and other preparations are most likely being done as we speak. We were able to get the majority of things done on Friday, but ran out of time. Today was spent going on a little road trip with my oldest daughter to my Mom's house a couple of hours away. The reason for the trip? My mom is awesome! She is giving my daughter a great baby cuddling chair as a baby gift! Kerianne was thrilled when she found out!

I'm so excitedscaredhappyworried for her. She will be a spectacular Mommy!

Soooooo, on the book front.

This week, I sent out a few "feeler" emails to try and pick some brains on marketing children's books.
Here's hoping I get a reply from at least one of them. The trick with this is getting information for free. Well, it's worth a try, if it doesn't work, I'll just have to find another way. There has to be one, I just haven't figured it out yet.

Also, this week, I started the polishing process on the story that is going to become the next book. I'm going to have to rework it a bit, to take it from "story" to "book", but it's coming along. I have a few more weeks to make it work. I'm still working toward having the book and notes ready to send to Hazel to begin illustrations by the beginning of March.

So, for the upcoming week:

Be on the ready for "go time" with grandbaby!!!!!

If I don't receive an answer from any of my "feelers",  come up with some brilliant plan to put my books on the best seller list by the end of the year. (Piece of cake, right?)

Put further polish on the next book.

Gratuitous nose wiping, diaper changing, and playing of ring around the rosie

The heady glamourousness that is laundry and housework.

So folks, until next week, I leave you with this wish.

May joy lead the way of all emotion, followed closely by confidence and gratitude.
May everyone you encounter be experiencing only the most glorious of moods.

May every day bring with it happiness, laughter and success.
May a light be shone on the great "little" things, for they usually are the best.

May you feel an undeniable, insurmountable urge to skip down the street where you live.
May you be, just bearly, able to suppress the impulse to break into song, for you know it's there in your GLEEful heart to give.

Thanks so much for reading these ramblings!
Until Next Week!

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