Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh Baby! Oh Baby! Oh Baby!

Hi Folks!

Well,, this past week, let me think....did anything exciting happen?  Oh yeah! New grandbaby! I haven't had a chance to get any photos yet, but I promise to put one on next week's blog.

As I sit here, typing, he is somewhat asleep in the next room. I am trying to let his Mommy get some well deserved rest, so I'm writing this with little sleep under my belt and with a fire under my butt, as I try to finish before he wakes. Trying to type with a baby in my arms takes way too much coordination!

Yep, Thursday night at about 20 minutes before midnight, Mr. Jacob decided to introduce himself to the world. All 9lb 8oz of him! And coming in at just shy of 22inches long he is a strapping young man indeed. We are all so excited he's here, happy, fat, and sassy!

In other news........ I was actually able to participate in the tradeshow in Outlook today, just before going to pick up Jacob and Mommy from the hospital. I love doing tradeshows. You meet so many interesting people.

For instance, I met a lady today, who translates traditional books into twin vision books. What she does, is break the binding on books, insert the braille version along side the regular print and rebinds them. It's great for parents or teachers teaching visually impaired children to read. Anyway, she bought a copy of one of my books for her bosses to have a read, and see if they will put it on her list of books to translate. Before today, I didn't know such a service existed.

Ok, wow! Just looked at the clock, apparently it is no longer Saturday the 11th of Feb. So, yeah, the tradeshow happened yesterday, met the braille lady, yesterday, picked up grandbaby and Mommy, you guessed it, yesterday.  Sorry, the baby woke up, and I didn't want him to wake up his Mom. It took a little longer to settle him down than I thought it would.

On a different note, an adjuster came by and did the assessment of the flood damage to our basement! I know! They said by the end of January, and actually showed up within a few days of of that! Better yet, it looks like we might actually get paid for some of the damage! Yay! How long that takes, on the other hand, is anybody's guess.

We have also been booked to do the music for another wedding! I love doing weddings, they are so much fun!

So folks, for the upcoming week, there will be much baby snuggling, laundry, cooking for a breastfeeding Mommy, and more baby snuggling. There will also be some book polishing, and some emails to tend to. I need to get that new book ready for Hazel, SOON!

I apologize if this week's ramblings give new meaning to the word. Lack of sleep really does a trip on the brain.

So, until next week, I'll leave you with this wish.....

May your night's sleep be as long and solid as the trunk of a redwood tree.
May you have no need for an alarm, and just sleep until you damn well please.

May you not have not one sleep interfering interruption,  not even to have to pee.
May you sleep like the proverbial baby, only without the feeding at 3.

May your slumber's dreams take you places you can only fantasize about when you're awake.
May you awaken feeling better than you have in years, ready to give the world a shake!

Until Next Week!

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