Saturday, February 18, 2012

Yay! Baby Snuggles!

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you the newest member of our family. This is Mister Jacob Randy Reid! As promised, here are a couple of the photos taken of the little guy, so far. As his older cousin, Ethan can attest to, this Grandma loves to take pictures! 

I knew I was probably getting a little out of hand when one of the ladies in the photo department at Walmart recognized Ethan's picture at a glance! I'm not making any promises of slowing down much with this little one either. I don't like to make promises I have no intention of keeping!  I do promise, however, not to pummel you with the photos I take. At least not too much.

Jacob, already nicknamed "Chunky Monkey", is now a ripe old 9 days old and doing very well. Mommy is doing well too. They are staying with us while Mommy gets her strength back, and gets whole heartedly back on her own two feet. Then, my baby will take her baby to her home and bravely begin her journey as a single Mom. This takes incredible courage, confidence, and maturity. Thankfully, she has more courage and has shown more confidence and maturity at 20 than I've seen in most at 30.

I know society would dictate that I should be worried about my girl and how she will make her way through this world with her young bundle. But, society doesn't know her. She is very intelligent, determined, and has incredible maternal instincts. So, even though I know there will be challenges and set backs, and it won't be easy, she and her little man will ultimately be fine. As she knows, she may be a "single" Mom, but she is far from alone.

So, for this past week....

As you might have guessed a lot of Baby! Cuddles, snuggles, diaper changes and laundry. Trying to be a good assistant mommy.

Took Mommy and Jacob to his 1 wk. Doctor check up, which he passed with flying colours!

I did get a call from the accountant who had a few questions about book inventory and whatnot.... boring!

Also this week, I did manage to get the ball rolling on the new wedding which we booked last week.

I'm afraid I didn't get much polishing of the new book done. I should get more of a chance in the upcoming week.

I also was able to pop a few emails off to get info on future trade shows.

As I was trying to go to sleep last night, I was hit with a few lines that may very well start another book. It won't be a children's book, though. I plan on spending a bit of time with it, and see what it wants to turn into.

So...... for the upcoming week!

More baby snuggles!

Get book ready, or at least close to it, for Hazel! (I mean it this time!)

Check into the pros and cons of putting my books on Amazon.

Hopefully get a chance to so some follow up with some contacts made at the tradeshow in Outlook last weekend. You never know what can come of it!

Until Next Week!

As we celebrate new life in our family this week, others, are suffering terrible loss. For those I leave you with this wish............

May you get through to the other side of this struggle with your soul surviving the blow.
May you find and hold onto those you can lean on, may they hold you up above the storm.

May you, in time, be able to see through the darkness to the other side of the sorrow.
May you find in yourself the strength to just keep walking, and get to tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

May you know in your heart you are not all alone in your grief.
May you know we are here with you, if you're still, you will feel us, believe.

Until Next Time!

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