Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hatched Egg Salad! What?!

I know, I know, I know......... I promise this will be the last one for a loooooong time.  I just couldn't resist this one.....Just look at that face!!!!!

This little guy turned a month old this week! It's crazy how fast the time is going! Before you know it he'll be running around wanting to make lunch for his Mom, just like his cousin Ethan did this week.

Yep, I received a call from my daughter, Ethan's Mom,  telling me how Ethan came into her room as she was folding laundry, and said he was going to make them some lunch. She, thinking this was one of many of his imaginary games said, "Sure , ok."

A couple of minutes later, she attempted to enter the kitchen under great protest from her young, chef, son. Entering against his pleas to please stay out, she found herself in a kitchen with a lavish carpet of raw eggs covering the floor, with Ethan, diligently trying to clean it up with clean dish towels.

She asked him what happened.

His reply," I tried to make us egg salad, Mommy,  but all of the eggs hatched all over the place all at once!"

Ahhhhhh, 4! I really did try not to laugh, I really did!

So......... this week.

Last week I told you about Telemiracle......well this year, we did it again. We broke another record! We are a province of barely a million people. In 20 hours we raised $5.9 million dollars! I say we... and it does feel like we. Truly incredible.

So, while the telethon was finishing up on Sunday afternoon, I thought I would send an email off to Hazel, my illustrator, to let her know "Tags" was ready to go. I was very surprised when she emailed me back with the news that she wouldn't be able to do the illustrations! She's booked up and until July and then has her own projects to work on.

I read her email and as the words sunk in, I began to panic a bit. Now, I have this book ready to be illustrated, and nobody to do it! I'm also under a deadline, self imposed, but very real. I need these books on the shelves by the end of August!

What do I do?!?!?!

After a few "Holy Crap, Now What?!" induced tears, I took a couple of deep breaths and dove deep into the Internet. That's how I found Hazel, I would just have to do it again. I need to look at it as an opportunity, not an obstacle.

So, after looking at a LOT of portfolios, I found one that looked like it could be a good fit. Someone who could maybe do illustrations for this new book without them looking completely disjointed from the other two books.

I contacted her through her website, found her email address and sent one directly to her, as well. Luckily, she responded quickly. By now, we've corresponded back and forth several times, and I should have some sketches by Monday!

She seemed to understand all of my crazy "notes"that I attach to the story for the illustrator. You see, I try to describe the way I see the story, as best as I can. Kind of a " if I had lick of artistic talent, this is what I would draw" type of thing.

Yay, Valerie! Valerie, from New York, I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful, and very long friendship!

 This week, the application for the Sundog Craft Show came! I have it filled out, and will get it sent away in the next few days.

And, as of today, I have finished and filed, 2 of our 4 daughters' income tax. Done and done!

Also this week, I turned 46! My husband made me a wonderful birthday cake, and a lovely supper. As it turned out, my birthday fell on one heck of a snowstormy day, so the day was ours, with no travelling! I highly recommend having your birthday on a snow day, it's awesome!

Driving in the days following the snow day, not quite so awesome. Although the crews try their best, the residential streets of the city of Saskatoon, completely suck! It's really melting this weekend, so hopefully they are a little better by Monday........ Hopefully.

Yeah, so after that bit of hectic craziness, I took today, and had a long soak in my wonderful tub, read my book, and enjoyed a very nice glass of wine.

So folks, for the upcoming week.........

Monday: "work", then in the afternoon meet with upcoming bride about music for their wedding.

Tuesday: Housework and laundry.......yipeeeee! Work on possible grown up book project...... check out some feasibility issues......

Wednesday: work, then run errands, hopefully squeeze in some baby snuggles, and 4 year old hugs.

Thursday: Start putting music for May wedding together, laundry.

Friday: Work, nail appointment, pick up hubby, then off to Unity for my niece's figure skating carnival!

Saturday: Girls' Weekend! Dana is coming to town, we are attending a get together at my eldest daughter's house, getting a hotel room and spending the night catching up.....looking so forward to it!

As a result, my blog will be posted a bit early next week. Probably Saturday morning.

So until then, my friends, I'll leave you with this wish.............

May you look back on what has been, with no regret, no guilt, only appreciation for experiences past.
May you see even that, which has been painful, hurtful and cruel as the, "not so pretty mortar" that holds your character fast.

May you see all of the battle scars of childhood handed out so generously by parents, siblings, or maybe "so called" friends, as the badges of honor they are.
May you understand how utterly strong that child was, to withstand those trying battles, and to  ultimately win the war.

May you strive to be the hero that child so desperately, longingly, hoped for.
May you be that hero for yourself, here and now, be your hero in your life, evermore.

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