Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Little "Boring" Wouldn't Be So Bad!

Hi Folks!

Here is one of the illustrations for "Tags Go In The Back"! All of them look great! There was only one glitch, and that was a typo on the cover. Hopefully Valerie will be able to fix it. The problem lies in the fact we didn't notice it right off,so, like I said, hopefully she can fix it. Otherwise, I'm not sure what to do, maybe they can do something at the printer? Positive thinking, she'll be able to fix it!

Also, this week, we received the payout for our very beat up, banged up, car. Apparently the amount of damage, money wise, was more than the car was worth brand new! Yep, not gonna fix that one! They were fair with the payout, at least it covered the down payment we had to make on our new one.

You may recall that last week I was going to a girl's night with my daughters and good friend. It was a great night, a lot of laughs, plenty of goofiness, and simply a lot of fun! Can't wait to do it again!

This week also brought with it some weird weather, yet again. Some snow, rain, thunder, and all at the same time! I was home Tuesday, and heard loud, sudden bangs coming from outside. I looked, and stood kind of stunned as massive chunks of ice fell off of the trees and the roof of our house and smashed down on the ground and anything else that happened to be in the way. We were able to move vehicles out of the way in time. I had visions of having to take the new car into the insurance place only a week after getting it. Even I would start looking at us sideways after that.

Another application for a Fall trade show came in, as well, this week. So, I'll be sending my paperwork for the Unity Agro Trade Show off in the next couple of days.

As I'm still feeling the effects of our accident, work, this week, was a bit tough. Two year olds really don't understand the concept of feeling sore. I kind of tried to explain that Margy wouldn't be able to maybe play all of the games we usually do (some of which can get pretty rowdy), that I had a bit of an owie. One little guy just looked at me and said "band aid?" Like" just stick a band aid on it and let's go!" In their world, a cartoon inspired band aid cures everything! They are so cute!

So that brings us to today. Randy worked today, so I awoke, pondering the puttering of housework and laundry that lay before me. Return some emails, start some prep for upcoming weddings. Then I received a text from our second oldest daughter that our oldest, was in hospital. She's been fighting a nasty bug all week and had been feeling pretty rough. Apparently during the night she began coughing so severely she actually thought she had cracked a rib or something.

After running tests and having a variety of scans, they discovered several blood clots in her lungs. Thankfully, they were able to get her on medication right away. So today, instead of dusting and laundry, has been spent worrying and fretting and waiting to hear news. Randy scooted over there from work, and my sister was able to get there as to give my daughter's hubby a chance to run home for a bit. My second daughter jumped in to care for Ethan for the day.

The time between hearing that there may be clots, to there are several, to they have her monitored, and on meds, seemed like a lifetime. I know I have no room to complain, as there are so many parents out there with much sicker children than my own. But, man, that was the scariest, most helpless feeling. Your mind can go to some pretty dark places, pretty quickly between bits of information. She is now in capable hands, and under good care. Thinking positive, she will be fine.

So, for the upcoming week:

Well, I guess that's kind of up in the air.
Hopefully, it will include: my daughter going home from the hospital; going to work; hug a grandbaby or two; boring, mundane dusting and laundry.

I gave very careful thought as to whether or not I should include these personal worries in my ramblings. As I debated with myself, I thought of when I first began writing this blog, and  my promise to take you on this crazy journey with me. It wouldn't be the real journey if the only things I shared were the good things, the happy things.

Thanks so much for taking the time to take the trip.

Until next week, I'll leave you with this wish;

May those you hold closest to your heart be safe and sound tonight.
May anything that threatens their wellbeing simply leave without a fight.

May their angels watch closely over them, keeping them from harm.
May you again, soon, hold your healthy baby in your arms.

May all the the young mothers even in the slightest of peril, come home to their children good as new.
May all come home safe and sound, this is my most heartfelt wish for you.

Until Then;

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