Saturday, April 14, 2012

Off To The Presses!


Well folks, "Tags Go In The Back" is in Winnipeg and hitting the "presses" as we speak! The Hubs and I will be able to go and pick it up in August, during our Holidays.

This summer, we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. We originally had plans to take a road trip to Tofino, BC, a beautiful coastal resort town, or so I hear. Well, with the damage done by the flood, the fact that insurance wouldn't touch it at all, and disaster relief covers very little, the holiday was then changed to renting a cabin for a few days at a nearby lake. Now, with the accident and having to buy a new car long before we had planned, our holiday has been further downgraded to a quick trip to Winnipeg to pick up books bookended by two weddings we are working.

I was really kind of hoping for that seemingly ever-elusive honeymoon. Maybe for our 30th.

Well, enough with the oh-poor-me crap, moving on!

As I was saying, "Tags" is now in the very capable hands of the folks at ArtBookBindery. I'm again happy/relieved/anxious about it. I'm trying to get better at stifling the doubts and fears of "what if kids don't like it." It was the same with 'Lexi" and "Crazy." I guess, I'll just have to accept that it goes with the territory. Maybe it's just one of those things that doesn't go away. Maybe it's a good thing that it doesn't. Maybe it's like the jitters I get before every karaoke show, I take it as a sign that I still care, and carry a passion for it. If, someday, the jitters quit hitting, it might just be time to stop.

I hope that never happens.

This week also involved my first ever appointment with a physio therapist. I'm very glad to say he didn't actually hurt me too badly, and is very optimistic that over the course of the next few weeks, seeing me twice a week, I'll be good as new! Yippee! I am very lucky. I ran into a friend in the waiting room who has been dealing with physio for a while already and may still have a way to go. Yep, I am very lucky, indeed.

I was also able to put a little more work into my "side project," unfortunately, this neck keeps me from working for more than about 20 minutes at a time. Hopefully I will still be able to finish by the end of the month.

Music for the upcoming weddings is coming together pretty nicely. We actually had to turn down two shows because we were previously booked. I feel bad when that happens, I don't like to have to say no, planning events can be pretty stressful, it's always nice to be able to help someone tick off the entertainment box on their planning list.

The week is definitely finishing on a high note! Our wee Jake is out for his first sleepover without Mommy! We are cuddling and spoiling him as much as possible before we get busted for it. We see it as our sworn duty as grandparents! If we didn't we may just get kicked out of the club!

As for the upcoming week?

Monday: Work in the morning physio in the afternoon

Tuesday: Work on "project" laundry

Wednesday: Work in the morning and in the afternoon, a much needed trip to the hair salon ( trust me, needed,is putting it mildly)

Thursday: project, housework

Friday: Work in am, physio in the afternoon.

Holy Crap! My third book is at the printer! All I can say is Holy Crap! I wish I could whisper that into the ear of the 24yr, sleep deprived, buried in diapers, scraping grocery money together me. It would have probably made those tough years a little easier, then again, it would have spoiled the surprise!

On that note I will leave you until next time. Time to go snuggle a baby!

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Until we meet again, I'll leave you with this wish:

May any challenges faced, be crushed by your absolute, utter brilliance.
May your complete awesomeness blind all those who are a pain in your pants.

May you sidestep any poop pucks thrown at you by any monkeys on your back.
May your particular monkeys find better homes, so you can get on the right track.

May you develop the ability to sincerely high five yourself for all the good you do.
May you realize the value of all things accomplished, instead of focusing on what's left on your "to do."

May you discover the treasure you are, have been, and always will be, a treasure because you're here.
May you discover this now, not later, for lack of self-worth serves but one purpose, to create fear.

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