Saturday, April 28, 2012

The "Project" Revealed!"


I can't believe I woke up to snow.......again! This is getting ridiculous, even for Saskatchewan! I will be so  happy to see the sunshine. Here's hopin' it shows up soon!

Well folks, I should be receiving the final rough draft of "Tags Go In The Back" within the next week or so. Then, it will be right on track to be finished and ready to be picked up around the middle of August!  I'm really looking forward to the trip!

And, while there, I will hopefully be picking up the other "project" I've been hinting at. Yep, it looks like I just might get it finished and ready in time. I didn't want to say anything until I knew for sure.This other project actually sprouted from these ramblings. You see, a while back, I had a reader suggest to me that I put the "wishes" I close the blog with into a book. That they'd like to have one.

I was flattered, but didn't really give it much thought after that. Then, a little while later, I had another reader suggest the same thing, and over the next few months had several others asking if there might ever be such a book. So, I thought, if readers are asking, maybe I should take a serious look at doing it.

So, "Everyday Wishes for Your Extraordinary Life" started to take shape.  It's definitely different than putting together a children's book. It's pretty scary, really. This isn't a story that sprouted from my silly imagination. Although not all are serious, they do all come from the heart. It's a bit intimidating to put your heart out there for others to judge. Another step waayyy out of my comfort zone. But, I'm learning that stretching your comfort zone is good exercise. It keeps you young. Pilates for the personality.

I'll be sure to show you the cover, as soon as I can. I hope it turns out!

After I have it completed and sent off for printing, I can then give my full attention to the weddings we are playing this Summer.

We bought a new player with some cordless mikes. Yep, we have other players, but, the oldest one is getting pretty finicky and doesn't necessarily want to work 100% of the time. The newer one got a bit wet at an outdoor party we worked, and now, will only show gigantic letters on the screen. Not helpful.
So, I put the bug in our karaoke guy's ear a while back that we were going to need a new machine. Thankfully he found us a good one. We added the mike's, and now can accomodate bigger groups on stage, as well as allowing us more movement when doing a show. Nice!

So, for the upcoming week!

I will be spending every possible hour working on "Wishes", so I can send it off by the end of the week. I want so badly to do it right! Cross your fingers for me!

Munchkin wrangling, and trips to physio are also on the agenda, as is the usual errand running.

And that pretty much wraps it up for another week.

Thanks for taking the time to read these ramblings. I love hearing from you, feedback your little faces off!

Until Next Time:

For those about to wed......................

May your wedding be absolutely everything you always dreamed it to be.
May it be a beautiful beginning to the life in which "I" becomes "We."

May you learn to lean on each other when the harshness outside, pushes in.
May you give each other strength when the world is heavy, hard, seems grim.

May you start each day trying to make the other's life a little brighter.
May you spend your days making the other's load a little lighter.

May you share joy, silly secrets, and talks that last late into the night.
May you protect your love fiercely, defending it with all of your might.

May you always treat your spouse with kindness, making sure they get how much they mean to you.
May you continue to "date" each other, for the romance must stay true.

May you turn a blind eye to the odd uncapped toothpaste, discarded sock, or bad cooking.
May you know the true test of a good spouse is how you treat the other, when noone is looking.

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