Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day, Wedding, and Books, Oh My!

This, my friends, is the hard copy proof of "Tags Go In The Back"! After looking it over, I faxed the client approval form, phoned in my deposit, and that about does it for "Tags"!

Next on the book agenda is to get the layout and cover squared away for "Everyday Wishes For Your Extraordinary Life."

The emails will be fast and furious for a couple of weeks, and then, I will get the hard copy proof of that as well.

Normally time would completely drag from the final ok to holding the books in my hands. Luckily, we have 4 weddings to prepare for, and a summer to enjoy, so I'm sure the next few months will go by quickly.

Speaking of weddings, we have the first one of the season this weekend. It's at a resort in Northern Saskatchewan, and looks beautiful on the website, I'll try to get some photos to show you next week.

Other than going to work and the usual shananigans that fill my week, the hubby and I, along with all of our daughters, attending the grand opening of our daughter, Sarah's place of work. We couldn't help but have our chests puff up just a bit when time and again, as she was introducing us to her coworkers and supervisors, they continually commented on what a great worker she is and how great she is at her job.

A really cool "Mom" moment.

The remainder of the week has been spent packing and getting organized for this wedding. I know it probably sounds silly, but I always get a bit nervous before doing a gig. Especially a wedding. This is probably going to be one of the most, if not thee most important day in the lives of these two people. I really do want to do everything I possibly can to make sure the happy couple and all of their guests have the best time the law will allow. It's always my goal to make it a reception people are talking about for a long a good way.

As for the upcoming week........

Tomorrow... work, hustle to my daughters house to  change, nail appointment, (Yay) pick up hubby and head up north.

Saturday....... do our part in giving these guys the best reception physically possible.

Sunday.....head home to enjoy what remains of Mother's Day. and errands.........start prep for the next email tag about "Wishes"...... set ball rolling on promo poster for "Tags"..........track down collapsible easel for said poster to take to trade shows.....supper with daughter and her shopping..........bring Ethan our to our house for the long weekend!

On that note, I will leave you with a reminder to call your mom if you can this Mother's day, and if you can't, whisper your greeting from your soul, and know that she will hear.

Until next time..........

May you know just how incredible you are, how precious, from your chubby little face to your tiny, perfect feet.
May you know how my heart leaps every day, every single day, greeted by your smile, so sweet.

May you understand how everything you do, you learn, fills my heart with pride.
May you get that goes for everything, walking, talking, your first belly laugh, your first real food bite.

May you know without doubt, every day you inhale, you are loved, you are valued, you are a true treasure.
May you feel this through first days of school, first bullies, first heart aches beyond measure.

May you look at your reflection and see strength where others see weakness, see a future beyond the high school walls.
May you know you still make my heart leap, from your purple mohawked hair, to the brooding quiet and the squalls.

May you know how thrilled I am for you, as you forge into your adult life, clearing a path as you go.
May you know how completely I believe in you, how you can handle anything life has to throw.

May you know how incredible you are, how precious, from your older, wiser eyes, to your sore and weary feet.
May you know how my heart leaps every single chance I get to see your smile, so sweet.
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