Saturday, May 5, 2012

Stethoscope Up The Pant Leg? All In A Day's Work!

Well, my friends, you are looking at what will be an introductory photo, soon to be found in the first pages of "Everyday Wishes for Your Extraordinary Life."  My hope is that it is a decent representation of pretty much any family's journey through life.

Yep, you heard it correctly. "Wishes" is complete and sent! I will probably get to see a rough draft of the final product fairly soon. So for now, I wait, with baited breath and sweaty palms. This is the part where I have to trust that my notes, and "map" of the layout, as I see it, weren't as convoluted as I feared the second after hitting the "send" button on the file.

It doesn't seem to matter how careful and thorough a person believes they are at any given moment, as soon as you hit "send", any and all confidence that it's been done right, disappears faster than chocolate during PMS week.

Here's hopin'!

In other news.............I think physio is going pretty well. I have a couple of sessions left and then, I think I will declare myself well.  My shoulder and neck really are improving, plus with weddings to prep for, and book promotion stuff to plan, the time I allotted for injuries is used up. Time to move on to better and brighter things.

In other, other news....... I was told by an extremely intelligent, bordering on genius, really, 7 year old girl that I was much too young to be a Grandma. I was so informed after showing the little girl I care for some photos of Ethan. She's asked on several occasions to see some pics of my family. Naturally, she's curious about my life outside of looking after her and her brothers. Well, when I told her that while I was taking one certain shot, Ethan was asking " Whatcha doin', Grandma?", she looked shocked!  "You're his Grandma?! But, you're too young to be a Grandma!"
Yep, borderline genius.

So, other than finishing up "Wishes", being complimented on being soooooo young looking, and surviving a "check up" by a couple of two -year-olds, which, as a public service, I have to warn you, involves one little guy smacking you with a plastic red pepper, while his ever-so-helpful counterpart attempts to shove a very cold, and poky toy stethoscope up the leg of your yoga pants. This, apparently, is hilarious! Yup, and that about sums up my job in a nutshell. Anyway, other than that, it's been a pretty normal week.

 As for the next 7 days?.........

Finish prepping music for wedding on the 12th.
Work..... squeeze grandbabies..... physio...... rehearse..... physio..... attend daughter's grand opening at her work..... rehearse..... pack up equipment.....hopefully receive rough draft of "Tags Go In The Back"..... pack clothes (as most do not enjoy nude, middle-aged DJs, and those who do? Well, shouldn't.)..... get nails done (Yay!)..... Go and try our level best to give this Bride and Groom, and their guests, an evening full of great memories!

Until then, I'll leave you with this wish..........

May we, as people, valiantly try not to get caught up in the mindset of bigger, better, more.
May we be ever mindful of the little ones watching, soaking up how we keep score.

May we all be careful about leaving a legacy that speaks mostly to the importance of  having "stuff."
May we, instead, devote the lion's share of our time to teaching kindness, acceptance, and love.

May we, as adults, as parents, as people, as the generation responsible for the one to come,
May we ever strive to be the kind of human beings we hope our children will become.

Until next time........
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Thanks once again for reading these ramblings!

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