Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blindsided...Blessing in Disguise? Here's Hopin!


You know, sometimes I think that fate, or karma, the universe, the powers that be, God whatever you choose to call it, looks upon us and says, "You know what? You are getting a bit too comfortable with the status quo, time to shake it up!"

And shake it up they do.

Sometimes, the shake up comes in the form of a flooded house, an unexpected grandbaby, a car accident, a health problem, a death, or in our case, several deaths in the family, and sometimes it takes the form of an unforeseen career change.

Imagine my hubby's surprise this morning, when after almost eight years of nothing but dedicated and loyal service to his employer,  he was informed that he will be permanently laid off in the very near future. The reasons given were very convoluted and confusing, leaving a lot of room for interpretation. It's just baffling to me why you would lay off the guy that shows up every day, shows up early, stays late, and works his butt off the entire time he is there. Weird way to run a business.

Anyway, we are going to take this as the shake up that, apparently, we are due. It's been an entire four months since the car accident, after all.

Being a firm believer in everything happening for a reason, I have to believe this will lead to something great for my hubby. God knows he deserves it. When a door closes, a window opens. Sometimes it's just the one in the attic or the basement and not the one in front of you, so you need to do some snooping to find it, is all.

The sum of our life experiences always lead us to where we need to be. It's not the best news we've ever gotten, but in the grand scheme of things, it's far from the worst. It's an obstacle that, with a little tweaking and nudging, can become an opportunity.

With this latest chain of events, however, our downgraded holiday has had to be downgraded once again. For those of you who don't know, this year mark's the hubby and my 25th anniversary. Not ever having a honeymoon, we had planned on taking a holiday this summer.

Originally it was a 3 week trip to Tofino, BC. Then came the flood. Then it was changed to a week in a rented cabin at a lake a couple of hours away. Then came the car accident and new car to pay for. The latest trip was going to be to go to Winnipeg to pick up my new books. Now, with the lay off looming, probably not a good idea.

So, my books will now be shipped. On the upside, I may have them sooner than August 10th.

Well folks, the rest of this week has been spent prepping for the show this weekend, and the wedding on the long weekend. It was also spent making trains out of dining rooms chairs that took sweeping trips through Paris and Venice with a variety of dinosaurs as passengers. It involved a treasure hunt riddled with rhyming clues to tickle a 7 year old girl's imagination. There were craft challenges including making dollhouses out of popsicle sticks, mini pom poms and glitter glue. There were trips around the world as travelling veterinarians of exotic animals. It's been a busy week.

As for the upcoming week............

As I am writing this a bit early because of the weekend...

Tomorrow will be spent at work.
Saturday we have the show in Denzil (why I;m blogging early)
Next week I'll be putting the last touches on the music for the first of our August weddings.
Finish bloody press release.......hopefully. ( ya know, you would swear it was war and peace!)

Until next time I will leave you with this wish..............forgive me if it seems a bit dark (this week it's blatantly, selfishly therapeutic)

May any monkey wrenches thrown into your life's plans become tools with which to make them your reality
May those blinded by self preserving smoke see through and share the consequence of tossing a valuable treasure with finality.

May those true of heart and clear of conscience find the respect and loyalty they deserve.
May those too dipped in short term greed come to understand they may end up with nothing to preserve.

May windows of opportunity be wide, plentiful, and bright with one more beautiful than the one before.
May those who have discarded your abilities with such frivolity know their mistake wholeheartedly, immediately upon the last closing of the door.

Until Next Week...............................................

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