Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sunsets and Possibilities!

Well, hi!

You know, life is pretty interesting. Shake ups happen, you get thrown for a loop, ya spin around for a couple of days, and then, if you can leave just a little of yourself open, look past the hurt, anger and frustration........ideas, dreams and goals start taking shape.

As you know from last week's post, my hubby will be joining the ranks of the officially unemployed fairly soon.  We've taken the last few days to process the shock, let it sink in, swear at a few inanimate objects and punch a couple of pillows. Now that that is out of our systems, we are ready to move on.

In the grand scheme of things it was, after all, a job. A means by which to earn money to live. There are countless ways in which to do that. We'll survive. Better yet, thrive.

Throughout our lives together (27years and counting), we've been hit by what most would consider a lot of unexpected, life-changing events. Some of these were great, some not so much, others took us to our knees, and yet others, almost took us down completely.

We've been asked on more than one occasion, how we are we still standing. I'll tell you our little secret. Each and every time something hits, we just take a look around. You never have to look far to find someone who is worse off than yourself. This, whatever the this is, is just a hiccup, a bump in the road.  We still have each other, and our family. We are able bodied, and still have what's left of the sense we were born with.

We'll be fine, because our lives are not defined by what befalls us but, by how deep within ourselves we are willing to dig to find the strength needed to right ourselves.

So, moving one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, as we have done in the past,  soon we will be far from this moment in time, we'll look back and see it's purpose.

All that being said, is it wrong that a small part of me(granted it's probably the good ol' farm girl part) still just wants to go kick some ass?!

Moving on........................

This week we played the show at the Denzil Hotel... it was a great time. We may not have had the hugest crowd (beautiful lake weekend), but what they lacked in numbers they definitely made up for in enthusiasm! We ended up doing a 6 hour show! Another late night well worth the loss of sleep. We saw a few cousins, met some great new people, introduced a few more poor souls to "Music Roulette", and might have picked up another wedding!

Also this week...... hours and hours were spent working (ok, having water fights, and playing dance party)

.........I did throw some words at that pesky press release
.........did a bit more polishing of the music for the upcoming wedding
........snuggled grandbabies
.........went to a movie with my hubby!( Can you say "wild and crazy?")

So, for the upcoming week........

On holidays....... so sleep past 4:45am......every day.

Finish press release and..........release it! (new books will be available by Aug. 10th!)

Put finishing touches on music for wedding on the 4th

Do some research and leg work for possible future venture....(details will hopefully follow soon!)

Wish me luck!

Until next time, I will leave you with this wish.........

May the sun setting on any given day bring with it serenity and peace.
May you feel between it's rise and it's set, that you challenged, you seized.

May you let not one drop of sunlight be wasted, filling every day with worth.
May you understand the value not only in toil, but relaxation and mirth.

May you see each day as a gift of lessons, some easy and light, others carry sharp edges and weight.
May you see that all have equal value, where they fit in our lives, is a constant source of inner debate.

Until next week!

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