Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coffee Wrestlin' and Hoop Jumpin'!

Contrary to what this may look like, I am NOT giving my 7 month old grandson coffee! It was a cup of French Vanilla, and must have smelled irresistible because, every time I would try to take a sip, Jake would do his level best to wrestle the cup from my hands! He's stronger than he looks!

Though it was a struggle, I did manage to keep the caffeine out of his little system. There will be plenty of time for him to develop a caffeine addiction later.

Now, on a totally different subject;

Life, this week, I am almost certain, is supposed to teach me patience. Not the kind of patience needed to handle kids, or the kind you need when anticipating an exciting event. Nope, this week, I think the patience I am supposed to learn is the kind needed when trying to teach an elephant to tap dance or teach a flea to play the tuba. I think it's the kind of patience necessary to scrub a cathedral floor with a single strand of hair, the kind required when painting the golden gate bridge with a toothbrush. I think you get my point.

Without boring you with details, I will tell you this. The launch of the new venture that my hubby and I are trying to start is taking a LOT more steps than we had anticipated. Seriously, we've jumped through more hoops than a geriatric circus dog! We are getting close, but it seems every time we get close to the starting line, it gets moved. Like I said.....patience.

Otherwise, the week went pretty well. It began with a birthday celebration for our son-in-law and our daughter, Sarah. Then the dates for doing readings in Meadow Lake were confirmed. I wasn't able to get posters done, so I'll be taking care of that on Monday.

Also, I received an awesome comment on my book "Everyday Wishes For Your Extraordinary Life."
When asked what she thought of the book after she was done reading it, the reader replied "You're never really done reading that book."  Hands down, one of the best compliments I've ever gotten.

So, that about covers the week filled with coffee wrestling and hoop jumping......

As for the upcoming week..................................

Tomorrow my eldest daughter and her hubby will be coming out for an afternoon of football....Go Riders!

Monday involves poster making and gathering information required for our next hoop jump. guessed it.......hoop jumping

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.......prep for the "Word On The Street Festival" in Saskatoon (Sun. Sept 23rd in front of the downtown library on 23rd St. Bring the munchkins!)

Saturday...... rehearse for 60th anniversary party on the evening of Sept. 29th (trying to learn some songs from the early fifties)

So that, my friends, is about all there is this week.  Hopefully, by next week's blog, the hoop jumping will be complete!

Until next time, I will leave you with this wish..............................................

May positivity come at you like raindrops in a hurricane, with such force, it's impossible to ignore.
May any surplus bounce from you to others around you, splitting, spreading, covering more.

May any hesitation to completely embrace new challenges disappear into the whipping wind.
May any sense of feeling unworthy be carried off too, for that's what drags you down in the end.

May you see your dream, not just as a dream, somewhere, someday, always just beyond your grasp.
May you see your dream as a reality, here, now, something solidly held in your hands

Until next week......... check out my new and improved website!

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