Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blue Moons & Book Signing!


"Once in a blue moon............."

Ok, the top photo was taken the evening of August 31st/2012. This, apparently is a "Blue" moon. I missed the explanation as to what makes this particular moon blue, so I am confused. It pretty much looks like the full moon I saw last month, and the month before that.

Now, the writer in me really wants to make it a story about how it's "blue" because it's the last full moon of the summer, so when he becomes full again, the air will be colder, school will be in full swing, and there won't be nearly as many people outside to greet him. The weather will have turned colder and the night air will carry with it a chill too chilly to allow the children to be outside to play with him, and besides, it will be past their school bed times........ that's why he doesn't come around very often.....he needs to give his heart time to heal between wonder he's blue!

Okay, that may not be the official, scientific explanation of a "blue moon", but if you ask your average 4 year old which version they think is true........................

So, anyway.........

This week I was able to secure a table at the Conquest trade show in October, the other two I have my eye on should be nailed down by the end of the upcoming week.

Also this week, I assisted my hubby in removing and replacing an Air conditioner on a customer's RV. Okay, assisted may be too strong of a word, but my skill set does include going to get tools, and handing them up the ladder, as needed. Oh, and I am made of pretty sturdy stock, so lifting of said air conditioner is also in my wheel house. Yep, more than just a hat rack.

That pretty much brings us to today.

Today was my book signing at McNally Robinson. The bottom photo at the top of this blog is a shot of one family of little girls who went home with a handful of books. (That really is me behind the table, I swear, my hubby just cut off my head when he took the pic) (Freudian???????hmmmmm)

I think it went pretty well. I met a lot of new people, saw some familiar faces, and made a new friend named Shem. He is going in to grade 3 and the novelty of school, shall we say, has lost some it's lustre. He has very generously invited me to come to his school in Regina to read to him and his friends. I'm going to try my best to make it happen.

The McNally people were happy with the sales, so that always makes me feel a bit relieved.  I guess that always kind of weighs in the back of the mind, and the front, too, if you let it. I mean, nobody wants to be the person seated at the entrance of the store, for all of the world to see, and not sell a single book. Thankfully I wasn't that It doesn't mean it can't happen.

So, for the next week...........

"Assist" in removing and installing an RV awning.......

Make and adhere more correction labels on the back of my books (helps to have the right website on them)

Secure tables at the other two trade shows......

Light a fire under the butts of my house cleaning fairies....they get lazy this time of year.

Flesh out a few new stories that have taken up residence in my head.......

So, my friends, I think that about does it for another week. 

With "back to school" in the air I'll leave you with this wish..........

May you be able to smile through your shiny eyes as you unhold the hand of your first wee one on their very first day.
May you have the fortitude not to turn into a snivelling mess until you're alone, in your house, out of the way.

May you help shine their first days to a glistening gleam, as they are bound to tarnish as years go by.
May you help build a strong foundation on which they can stand, and withstand, for not all days will be easy as pie.

May you listen twice and speak once when they come to you, bubbling over with excitement from their day.
May you hone this craft as they get older, and the bubbling becomes smouldering, brooding, and they don't have nearly as much to say.

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