Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hi there!

As I lean on the railing of my deck, I see the trees gracing our front yard in all of their Autumn glory. Some leaves appear dipped in fire, while others seem to be clinging to the last days of summer, desperately holding on to any bit of green. Knowing they must turn, dry, and fall to the earth, they hold on until the chilled breeze becomes too much to bare.

Not  unlike a 70 year old granny with decent legs wearing a mini-skirt. It's not altogether unattractive, but somehow, seems out of place, all the same.

Yep, the leaves are falling, kids are back in school, school activities are revving up, dance, gymnastics, soccer, football, homework, work, make lunches, figure out supper, go to work, do laundry, solve playground political issues, piano lessons, fix the leaky faucet, dentist, figure out why the "best friend" is suddenly acting like such a jerk, supply snack, arrange playdates,.........sounding familiar?

Life, it seems, can seem to take on a life of it's own. I think, at times, it feels like, somehow, we were just pulled on to this train, going at breakneck speed, not being told where it goes, or where our stop is. I know, for me, it's happened in the past.

Back when the kids were small, and my hubby was working one full time, and one part time job, and I was working three part time jobs, dayhome, grocery store, and restaurant, just to keep bodies and souls together, I would have nightmares. One recurring one was about being at the wrong job at the wrong time. (I also had nightmares about slaying a dragon made entirely of dirty laundry, but that's another story, for another time) I do remember another dream very vividly. I dreamed I was in a serious car accident, and was being taken to the hospital in an ambulance, in my dream, what was going through my head wasn't fear or panic, it was an overwhelming feeling of peace, you see, in my dream, all that kept going through my mind was the fact that, in the hospital, I might get to sleep.

Since then, I've learned that, though in life, control is an illusion, we do have the power to influence the direction our lives take. We can't foresee every blessing or every hardship, or sometimes, in the moment, tell the difference between the two, but we can, and need to participate, always. Life is not for spectators. Existing is the spectator sport.

As our Fall season of DJ gigs, trade shows and readings revs up, and with the added excitement of our new RV service venture, some of those familiar feelings of being overwhelmed really would like to take up residence with me once again. But now, instead of having nightmares, I step back, take a deep breath, and know, all I can do is what I can do, the rest isn't up to me. And I sleep. After all the sun will come up tomorrow whether the things on my "to do" list are done or not, so why sweat it?


This week brought some grandson snuggles, more experience in being the time keeper/bookkeeper/tool-go-getter/here-hold-this-er of the RV repair world, poster producing for trade shows, rehearsing for 60th anniversary gig next weekend and some gratuitous breathing in of crisp Autumn air.

The upcoming week......

"Word On The Street Festival" tomorrow in Saskatoon!!!!!! Come check it out!

Get caught up on remaining RV jobs........

Rehearse for 60th anniversary gig next weekend.................(trying to learn songs from the 50's)

Prep for trade show in Unity, also next weekend......(yep tradeshow by day, DJ by night)

Pack up and head out to said trade show and gig.

Oh yeah, I probably won't be able to get my blog up until Sunday, next week. (Unless I'm still full of caffeine, sugar and adrenaline from horrible amounts of coffee and junk food ingested, trying to stay energized for the trade show and gig. In that case, I will write it Saturday night when we get home!)

Until then, my friends, I'll leave you with this wish................

May the colours of autumn, their vibrancy, their boldness, become woven into the fabric of your soul.
May you walk with new energy, new confidence, a little sass, for there is fire in you, let it unfold.

May the chill in the air force you to breathe deeply, revitalizing everything that you are.
May the brisk breeze be at your back, helping you move ever forward, both happily and far.

May you embrace all of your colours, especially those hues less capable of enchanting others.
May you use your many shades to paint the portrait of your life, your portrait of your life, unsmothered.

Until next week.........You can check out, and buy my books at would love if you checked it out!

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