Friday, November 9, 2012

To Our Veterans...Thank You Seems So Small

Hi there,

Friends, here in Canada, this weekend marks a time when we take a moment out of our busy, hectic, runaround lives to show some gratitude toward those who have, through incredible sacrifice, made those busy, hectic, runaround lives possible.

Many of us have Grandfathers, Fathers, Uncles, Aunts and Mothers who fought for the freedoms we are so incredibly accustomed to. Personally, I feel we owe it to them to make sure the generations that follow ours keep the tradition of gratitude alive. I think it's important for our young people to understand how different life would be if these brave people, many of them barely past their teens, hadn't fought as hard, sacrificed as much, or had substituted apathy for passion.

I have not gone to fight, nor has my husband or daughters, therefore I can't even pretend to know what it must be like to watch any one of them board a plane, knowing where they are going, what they will be facing, being heartsick with the feeling that they may not return.

I can't wrap my head around a scenario where one or more of my loved ones would be put so deliberately in harms way. Just as difficult, is the thought of leaving those I hold dearest behind. Leaving them to fight, leaving them to fight for them.

I can't imagine having someone you love missing the things that makes their lives, well, "theirs" for so long. Missing weddings, births, birthdays graduations, first steps, first teeth, first loose teeth, daughters' first dates, first bike rides, anniversaries. Life.

I can't think what it must be like to return, if you are lucky enough to do so, pieces of you shattered by what you've had to endure. Returning to a life where you are kind of expected to jump right back in where you left off, only the person who returned is not the one who left. How can you be?

So to those, past and present, who have fought and continue to do so, we thank you. It seems so small....thank you. That is why we need to continue this day of gratitude...because "thank you" is so small we need to multiply it through the generations so it becomes and remains loud enough and fierce enough to be felt by all those for which it's meant.

So on to ramblings much more frivolous in nature...............

Well, this week we have, and continue to get spanked by Mother Nature. Now, I'm not talking about the kind of beating that fell upon the east coast a couple of weeks ago, by any means. This is more along the lines of a finger slap by Mother Nature's nasty drunk uncle, Jack Frost.

Yep, it looks like any delusion that the early fallen snow would disappear and we would get another glimpse of a whisper of that soft autumn breeze,has been cruelly ripped away like treats from a Charles Dickens orphan.

So, we might as well settle in for a looooooonnnnngggg winter. Hey, it could be worse, I have a warm house, a soft bed, food in the pantry, good company,  and a vivid imagination......anything's possible.

The last few days........................................................

Wiped  down song books(don't look so puzzled, drunk people spill things....alot!)

Rehearsed acapella(didn't want to unload and reload all of the equipment)

Rearranged furniture in my living room.....(hubby always enjoys that sooooo much)

House cleaning and laundry (try not to get toooo jealous)

The next week........................

Karaoke gig in Luseland tomorrow night. (Come check it out if you're in the neighbourhood!)

Trip to the city on Monday (McNally needs more books! Yay!)

Get things prepped for Farmer's market trade show in Rosetown on Saturday, Nov. 17th (come say hi!|)

Get things ready for karaoke gig in Milden Saturday, Nov. 17th (not a typo)

Oh yeah, and maybe have to tunnel my way out of my house.

So, that about does it for this time around. Until next time I'll leave you with this wish............

In Remembrance......................

May I find the courage to sign my name to fight, to protect, to serve my nation, shaking hand...done.
May I get through without them finding out my real age, for they say seventeen is too young.

May I find the strength to stay awake, to watch friends die, to stay alive, to fight.
May I get through this hell of explosion, mud and blood, forever dark, never light.

May I find the strength to face my family, broken though I am, both in my body and my soul.
May I get through adjusting to my paralyzed circumstance, for recovery is taking it's toll.

May I find the strength to carry on, find a new way to live, a different way to be.
May I get through to the other side of this darkness in my soul, to the light, to be free.  Please send Holiday orders in as soon as you can, it takes 3 weeks to get a shipment of books, and my shelves are getting a bit naked. I'll need to know in time, if I need to order more.

Thanks so much for, once again,taking the time to read these ramblings.

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