Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Cop, A Jester, And A Penguin Walk Into A Bar........

Well, hi!

Before I begin rambling on about the shenanigans of the past few and next few days, I'd like to take a minute to express to all of those who were touched by hurricane Sandy, that, though I can't possibly truly understand what you are going through, my thoughts are with you.

It just doesn't seem to matter how technologically advanced, how smart, how creative, how much ahead of the game we think we are, Mother Nature can still raise her mighty hand, and spank mankind harder than a child swearing in Church in the fifties.

The incredible fortitude and strength it will take to rebuild, not just the buildings and roads, but the spirits of those whose lives were turned upside down, seems so monumental, so overwhelming, so nearly impossible. Nearly.

It was wonderful to hear stories, as soon as the next day, of neighbours helping neighbours. They were sharing power, food, and clothing. To hear the stories of heroism, regular people putting themselves in harms way to save others, went a long way in rebuilding a person's faith in the fate of mankind.

In this world where countries, heck, entire continents seem to be in the mindset of looking out for number one at any cost, it's good to see that when it comes down to doing what's right, person to person, peoples' first instinct is still to help one another.

So, after witnessing one of the biggest tantrums Mother Nature has thrown in the last couple of centuries, the rest of the week seemed pretty mild, in comparison.

The Halloween gig went really well. As you can see from the photo, there were some great costumes. The crew from the Wizard of Oz were there, as were a zombie bride and her equally ghoulish bridesmaids. A human lufa, a genie, a gypsy, a couple of pirates and a few rather inappropriate members of the clergy also made an appearance.  All in all, a great time.

However, Wednesday, actual Halloween, was a bit of a let down. The weather was pretty cold, so we had very few kids come to the door. So, needless to say, the kids that did come received pretty generous handfuls of candy. Hey, they were thrilled, even if their parents might not have been, as I'm sure I wasn't the only one using that strategy to get rid of my treats.

Today, we went to Macrorie for their trade show.  I sold some books, met some new people, and came home with some home made sour cherry syrup and some locally grown and smoked trout. That is the absolute best thing about small town trade shows, there are soooooo many home made goodies that you can't get anywhere else! Like a farmer's market on steroids!

So, for the upcoming week.......................................

Keep wading through the ocean of red tape involved with starting our RV adventure, oh yeah, still plugging away at that one.

Rehearse for karaoke show we are doing in Luseland,Sk. on Sat. Nov.10th at the Royal George Hotel from 9- close. Come and check it out!

Start putting some time into my next book. I'd like to have it ready for illustrations by March/2013.

Oh yeah, and poke a little fun at all those having to change their clocks this weekend. Yep, here in good ol' Saskatchewan we don't change the time, we change time zones. We will be on central time for the winter and switch back to mountain standard in the spring.

Well, that about does it for this week, until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.............

For those who faced the storm..............

May those swept away by tumultuous waters, have peace where their souls rest, safe and warm.
May the ones left behind find a way through the grief, horror, and pain, embraced by loving arms.

May those who stand within broken walls, holding crushed memories, so cold, so lost, so.....lost,
May you find kindness and strength in your neighbours, a safe haven, a shield against the frost.

May you, in the days and months ahead, begin to feel some sense of normalcy, having typical days.
May your days become sweeter and nights get easier, in every possible way.

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