Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trade Show, Sing, Laundry.... Repeat


As I was poking around in my picture files, deciding what to toss at my ramblings this week, I came across these shots. I caught these on the way home from our karaoke show in Luseland last week. I almost didn't use them, but then thought of those of you out there who live where frost like this probably doesn't happen.  So, for those who live without the thrill of shovelling snow, or the adrenaline of getting stuck in a snow bank when it's -40C, here is a little taste of the prettiest side of winter.

Well, the past seven days have gone by pretty quickly.

Saturday night, we had the show in Luseland. It was a full house with a good number of people willing to get up and sing, a lot of fun being had by all, with only one injury. That being the little flat screen tv we use for shows, injured, but still functional. Not the end of the world.

Monday.... We took a trip to Saskatoon. McNally's needed more books, (an email that still thrills me!), and our youngest daughter and her wee Jake came back with us.  They are going to be staying with us for a bit. (ahhh endless grandbaby snuggles)

The rest of the week was spent getting caught up on laundry and prepping for the trade show today in Rosetown and the karaoke show we have tonight.

The trade show today was great. The fact that people will actually be receiving something I wrote as a gift, well, it kind of overwhelms me. It's just another "I can't believe this is real" moment.

During the show, I had a chance to visit briefly with a neighbour. Through our conversation I teasingly asked her if she would be attending the karaoke show we are doing tonight. I say teasingly, because we don't tend to get a lot of great grandmothers at our shows. Of course, she graciously declined my invitation, but her reason went far beyond what I had anticipated.

When I asked her if she was going to come out and sing us a tune, the reply was one that I had heard a million times, " I don't sing." It's the reason she doesn't sing, that broke my heart. You see, when she was 8 or10 years old, she was in her church choir, where she was told she had a terrible voice and was asked to leave. You could see the hurt in her eyes like it happened yesterday.

That "choir director" probably never gave her horrible words a second thought. She was "just" a child, after all, she'd get over it.

The fact that all of these years later, eyes mist in the retelling of the tale, shows how cruel words become part of who you are.

Careless cruelty stole the songs of her childhood, and continues to hold them ransom to this day.

So, tonight, we'll be heading down to do our karaoke show, and celebrate everyone who wants to sing.

As for the upcoming week.....

Well, tomorrow, we are hoping to have a coffee and a visit with my hubby's sister. She lives in Oklahoma, so we don't get to see her very often.

Wednesday is another trade show, here in Milden. (I love it when they're nice and close!)

Thursday is off to Rosetown for the "running of the errands."

Saturday is a great trade show in Kindersley, Sk. at the Elks hall. We'll be there from 10-4, come and check it out!

That, my friends, about does it for another week So, for now, I'll leave you with this wish.

May any unkindness that threatens to leave your lips, never fall on the intended ear.
May you realize cruelty breeds not respect, only more cruelty and fear.

May you keep in mind the footprint words put upon that precious soul.
May you be careful of the way constant criticism takes a toll.

May you know it takes infinite praise to undo a fleeting moment of thoughtless temper.
May you give those young hearts around you a childhood they'll lovingly, fondly, remember.

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