Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shack Wacky? Maybe a little.........


For the past couple of days it's been bitterly cold here, in good old Saskatchewan, so I thought I'd throw a bit of summer into the blog, this week. This is in hopes of alleviating some of  the shackwackiness that can start to take hold of a person this time of year. Now, I suppose "shackwacky" isn't exactly the politically correct expression. The more genteel of our society may refer to it as "winter blues."  Either way, it sucks when it's so cold outside, you can not only see your breath, you can slice it!

Winter rant over.

So, this week involved a bit of house checking for neighbors who are off in Jamaica for a while, ( is it wrong to hate them just a little?), setting the ball in motion for taking all of our karaoke music into a digital format, having yet another meeting with the powers that be about obtaining our building for our RV service and repair shop, and getting the green light from said powers to begin the process of the phase 1 environmental study needed to move ahead.

This week also involved booking another school reading. This one will be in Eatonia, Saskatchewan and I'm really looking forward to it. I also have successfully secured tables at two trade shows in March and should have another secured for April by the end of the week.

Then, to wrap the week up, I thought organizing Sibfest 2013 was a good idea. You see, since we've become adults, my siblings and I don't get together nearly as much as we should. I'm sure we are not alone in this. Life gets busy with jobs and kids and, well, life, and before you know it, the only time you see each other is at weddings or funerals. These never allow anybody to really get caught up with each other because these occasions are crowded and chaotic by nature. And really, it's simply sad that something as momentous as a wedding or as tragic as a funeral needs to take place to get us all in one room.

In the past ten years my husband, our girls, and I have had to deal with a fair amount of loss. First, there was my Dad, then two weeks later, my husbands grandmother. Within the next short while we lost both of my remaining grandparents. Then, we lost two of our girls' good friends to suicide. Shortly thereafter, we lost my sister, the following year, my husband's brother, and then a couple of years ago, my husband's Dad.

I don't mention this to receive pity, nor to bring you down. I only mention this to reiterate a point I often make. Life is precious, it's longevity is not guaranteed. To waste it, is to disrespect the gift that it is.

We need to get together, celebrate, with no need of an "occasion." Just because we can.

So, for the upcoming week.

*get aforementioned ball rolling on environmental study
*send for new copies of our birth certificates (hubby's in at the bottom of a huge lake as of about 15 years ago, and mine, well let's just say I put it away so it wouldn't get lost, but it didn't listen)
*get income tax stuff finished up
*celebrate my baby daughter's 22nd birthday (Happy Birthday Binky!)
*flesh out some stories I'm working on

That, my friends, about does it for another week.  To those from the Philippines to Germany, from Australia to here at home, and everywhere in between, thanks so much for your continued support and for reading these ramblings each week. I love hearing from you and about you whether on here, on Facebook or via email.

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish............

May you look in the mirror at the beginning of each day, and see a person ready to take on the world.
May you go out, and about your day with purpose, and pride, prodding great things to unfurl.

May you, midday, take stock, have a look, redirect your mojo, if it's gone awry.
May you cause a smile, open a door, offer a hand, take a chance, give the unknown a try.

May you look in the mirror at the end of the day, and see a person who is only the best kind of tired.
May you climb into bed, proud of your day, what you gave to it, and fall deeply to sleep, inspired.

Until next week....

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