Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just Keep Juggling....Just Keep Juggling....

Hi all,

 I don't know about you, but I thought another little injection of summer again this week might not be such a bad idea. I'm starting to feel a little daylight deprivation, as is fairly usual, at least for me, this time of year, and sometimes a reminder of the sunshine to come helps!

Well, it's been quite a week! The wheels are in motion for the environmental assessment, we've decided to help organize a Valentine's Day Dance here in Milden, birth certificates are sent for, and, at least I think, all questions are answered in every direction for the time being.

Did you ever have one of those weeks when you felt like you were juggling eggs while finding your way through a maze, and just for a bit of an extra challenge, they blindfold you, put you on a unicycle, and shout directions at you in a foreign language? 

Well, that's the kind of week it's been. Now that things are in motion, and hopefully, the right questions were answered in the right way to the right people, maybe it won't feel quite so frantic this week. Maybe.

I know I am far from being the lone egg juggler on the planet. I know that pretty much all of us feel like this at some point during our lives, and likely, on more than one occasion.

I have found the only way to do it, is just do it. However you can, with whatever skill set is in your arsenal, you just do it. So I put on my kid gloves, x-ray glasses and training wheels, strap my GPS to my belt, and make my way through the maze. It may not look picture perfect, and it most likely is not the way the majority of others would do it, but it works for me.

Just keep juggling...........

So for the upcoming week......

This week involves a bit of running around. A trip or two to Rosetown, one to Saskatoon, and one to Eatonia for my visit to their school.

I'm looking forward to Eatonia. Apparently, I'll be reading to some pre-k kids as well as the Kindergarten to Grade 3! Toddlers, Teeny Tweenies and mayhem, yay! The more the merrier!

I hope the weather is half decent! Cross stuff for me!

I should also be getting the yes or no from the trade show in the Battlefords this week. I hope I get in. The proceeds from this show go to benefit the Battlefords and Area Sexual Assault Centre, a great cause.

Hey, before I go, I'd love if you checked out my page on facebook and I'd love it even more if you"liked" it! Thanks! Just search on FaceBook!

Well, that about does it for this week.... until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.

May your ability to juggle whatever comes your way, be profound, accurate, poetry in motion.
May the things you are juggling be light, few, and able to withstand any, and all commotion.

May any blindfolds put upon you, only enhance your other senses, listening, inhaling, caressing.
May you discover things that would have otherwise been missed, the blindfold becomes a blessing.

May your unicycle bring with it, balance, even and smooth as still water in a glass.
May balance become like a second skin, so much a part of you, you hardly ever fall on your ass.

May your sense of direction keep you from ever getting lost, hold you from straying too far.
May you understand that both "lost"  and "straying" are relative, whatever your route, smile, cuz here you are!

Until next time!

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