Saturday, January 26, 2013



Well folks, this week brought with it some pretty positive and encouraging news!

Not only did we gain some real ground on the RV repair shop front, I also had a really great experience doing my reading at Eatonia School.

The weather was passable, the storm from the night before clearing enough by the time we had to hit the road. The school and kids were awesome, very warm and friendly, it would be a fun place to hang out on a regular basis.

The kids were so cute, it always surprises me when kids, and, sometimes, a few teachers, act all nervous to meet me!  It's so funny! Some get all tongue tied and giggly, it's just me, for cryin' in the sink!

To top off a great day, on the way home, we stopped for coffee, and ended up picking up a couple of new customers for our RV shop!

I also found out I made it in to the Trade Show in North Battleford in April, yay!

All in all, a pretty productive week!

Now, for the upcoming week........

...Onward and upward with the preparations to get our shop open
...Do some prep for Valentine dance
...Try to get some work done on next book
...Do some baby wrangling (Daughter is out of town for a few days)

That about does it for this week,

Now, if you will indulge me, I have come to find out about a family experiencing terrible hardship, and with them in mind, I'll leave you with this wish.....

May you draw solace and strength from those who surround you, let it in.
May you feel, in your soul, all good thoughts sent your way, from both strangers and friends.

May this storm not take you down, a little tired, battered and bruised,maybe, but standing.
May you fight to stay upright, not give in to the fall the weight of this is demanding.

May you conquer this storm, at it's end be victorious, glorious, wrapped in health and peace.
May the clouds disappear, leaving nothing but sweet breezes, sunshine and flowers at your feet.

Until next time.....

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