Saturday, March 2, 2013

Simple Carpets of Diamonds


After months of winter, some of you may be wondering, and rightfully so, why I stay living where I live?

It really is quite simple..... room to breathe, inspired works of incredible sculpture, and let's not forget the carpets of diamonds.

Right now, as you know, life is a bit hectic. With kids, kids-in-law, and grandbabies moving back home with all of their stuff, working on getting the shop up and running by April 15th, taking an online business course, and trying to finish writing and publish another kids' book this year, I believe my plate is full.

 A full life is a good thing. It's not perfect, or quiet, nor does it ever go according to plan. It's not restful, or still, nor is it, this full life anyway, inclusive of trips to warm places with sandy beaches, palm trees and attractive, sunkist people that bring frosty cocktails to your seaside cabana.

No, this full life is loud, rowdy, and full of trips to the industrial places with sandpaper, coat trees, and a sweet, handsome, hard-working husband that brings warm cups of tea to my window-side writing nook.

When things get a bit crazy, it's nice to step out into the simple.

So, in the past week........

We finally heard from our environmental people. Guess what..... have to wait some more. Now, we are waiting on some sort of Government permission to get info on a neighbouring property. On the bright side, this shouldn't really effect our timeline any further, other than having less time between possession date and opening.

We placed our order to stock our shop and store for opening day. Things will be delivered around April 10th!

We found counters for the store part of the shop! The time saved from having to build them is awesome!

I finished the first module of the business course I am taking. It focuses on entrepreneurs, and should prove to be very helpful. Only nine more to go.

We finished the week by attending my niece's final figure skating carnival. She graduates highschool this year and won't be participating anymore. It was so sweet to see all the wee ones, and not so wee ones, skating their hearts out, some spending a fair amount of quality time with various body parts making prolonged contact with the ice.

Now, for the next few days......

Make the final decisions on our sign

Get in touch with the utility companies to get dates set for hook up

Get in touch with bank about setting up the interac system

Get hair cut!!!!!!!!

Shop around for cash register/computer for the shop

Get things organized for the Jump into Spring trade show in Outlook March 9th

Turn 47!

That, my friends, brings us to the end of another week.

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.............

May folding the fifteenth load of laundry wrap you in gratitude, as laundry = clothes on your back.
May planning and cooking meals be inspired, not just entree masterpieces but every awesome snack!

May every spill not stain, may every drop not break, may every "accidental" throw not smash your picture window view.
May the tiny fingers wriggling and stretching beneath the bathroom door remain happy until you're through.

May all those behind you in the 20 minute check out line be gracious when things aren't going great.
May a kindly Samaritan offer to trade you places, so you and your reason for being no longer have to wait!

May you, in tucking yourself in at night, look back at your day with pride.
May you  know what an accomplishment it was, you never quit, you never cried! (in public)

Until next time... have a great week! make sure you get your orders in for books for Easter baskets!

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