Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dying Eggs and Eating Chocolate for Breakfast! Oh Yeah!

The simple pleasures in life........
Watching, as little ones so carefully try their chubby little hands at the art of dying Easter eggs, has got to be one of life's simplest and best.  The meticulous concentration that can take over the mind and soul of a five year old boy, who is usually talking a mile a minute while simultaneously hopping in circles and interpreting a full blown action scene wherein the superheroes have Lego block stand-ins is, to say the least, incredible.
The proud grin of a one year old, as they decorate their very own egg with the "magic" crayon and then assist in plopping into the dye, priceless.
This weekend holds many different meanings to many different people who don't necessarily share the same views in religion or tradition. But, the only point of view I can possibly share is the one I see from where I sit in life.  So, whatever your tradition is for this weekend, whether it's celebrating Passover, Easter, or simply Spring, do it up! Soak it in! I, for one, plan on taking full advantage of this holiday, and first thing tomorrow morning, I will be sharing a chocolate bunny breakfast with a grandbaby or two.(Because I can) hehehehehe :)
So, what's been going on in the past week?
Well, our eldest daughter is doing a bit better after her fall. She is no longer on the "loopy" pills, and has once again joined the land of reality. (Yay!)
The little angel I was telling you about last week is doing leaps and bounds better! Through the course of the week the tubes and machines were removed one by one and, incredibly, he was able to go home from the hospital yesterday! So much fight contained in such an itty bitty body. It's seems impossible that such fragility and strength can co-exist in one tiny person. We are all so grateful that his strength outweighs his fragility. I look so forward to watching as he gets stronger and stronger with every passing day.
Also, this week, we heard from our enviro people, and we don't have to dig any holes in the neighbour's yard! WooHoo! I know that probably doesn't sound like very good news, but, believe me, it is. If we would have had to test their property, as well as our own, it would have been big bucks and a lot more waiting. As it sits right now, they are going to take the samples on Wednesday, we should have the results by Friday, so by the following Monday or Tuesday we should be able to go the lawyer's office and sign the final papers! (insert big sigh of relief!)
Now, because of that good news, we were able to pick up the laptop for the shop when we went to the city to sign more papers. (which are now sitting on our lawyers desk, waiting) I installed the accounting program, now, I just need to set it all up!
The rest of the week was spent running our daughter (the one who fell) to get xrays (just making sure no real damage was done), getting groceries, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning and all of that good stuff.
Yesterday we dyed eggs, and today we participated in a trade show in Rosetown.
I now am down to my last 11 copies of "Lexi's Magic Clothes", and my last 35 of "A Crazy Day". I'm hoping to be able to finish this new book in time, as to order more of the others when I have the new one shipped, thus only paying one shipping charge. Here's hopin'.
Now, for the upcoming week........
Meeting plumber at the shop to pressure test gas line...
Go to the city to pick up final papers, and hopefully meet with accountant to assist in setting up shop books.
Receive great news from enviro people.........
Go to pick up our counters and display cases for the shop!........
So folks, that about does it for another week......until then I'll leave you with this wish...
May you, as the next sun rises, find yourself feasting on rainbow inspired beans of jelly.
May you devour morsels of the rich dark chocolate that was once a bunny's belly.
May you, without guilt, hand over sugary treats to toddlers, caring not, the parental wrath it may wrought.
May you convey to these parents that they survived many chocolates breakfasts, for that is what the Easter Bunny brought!
May you embrace the rush brought forth by the consumption of such delectable fare.
May you embrace equally the crash that follows, it's inevitable, beware.
May you, after the ride is over, look back with a smile on the memories that were made.
May you, because your tummy can't handle what it used to, find solace in your stash of Rolaids.
Until next week!

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