Saturday, November 2, 2013

Zombies, Pirates And Sunsets!

You know, I'm sure sunsets in other parts of the world are absolutely spectacular. In fact, I am certain, for I've seen the pictures that prove just that.
But, there is something that stirs in this prairie girl's heart when I see the endless horizon ablaze as the sun battles the night to stick around just a little longer.
The sun disappears so early now, black as pitch by 6:30pm. It's the thing I find the hardest over winter. Snow comes and goes, as does the frigid cold, but the dark lingers too long.
So, even though these extended nights are not my favourite things, they do trigger in me the urge to bake. It's like some inner alarm clock goes off around the beginning of November that signals the start of the Christmas baking season.
With any luck, I will have an oven to do said baking. The jury is still out on that one, but I should know soon.
Well folks, this week proved to be a pretty interesting one.
We went to Luseland to do our Halloween show, and had a blast. There were plenty of great costumes. Zombies seemed to be the most plentiful. My favourite, however, had to be Jack Sparrow, he was awesome.
The place was packed, they were running out of chairs, running out of glasses, and by the end of the evening, running seriously low on sober people.
All in all, a good night with fun people.
The rest of the week saw some baby snuggles, month end bookkeeping, redoing our radio ad, ordering of material, picking up of other material, running errands, ordering parts and stock, paying bills, receiving and putting away said parts and stock, scrubbing a couple of toilets, dealing with some laundry, slaying some dust bunnies and being an extra set of hands to assist my hubby in trailer repairs. Aaaannnd more recon in "operation new stove."
We were also booked for another karaoke show for later in the month, a small trade show, and a possible Christmas karaoke show in December. It also looks like I will be visiting a couple of schools during the winter and another in May. 
I'm thinking the darkness of the winter months should pass pretty quickly with all of the fun things to look forward to.
So, for the upcoming days.........
Spend some quality time with some trailers, sneak some baby snuggles, help out some customers, maybe squeeze in a bit of writing, and then, at the end of the week, I will be heading to my best girlfriend's house for a couple of days of girl talk, movies, and a few adult beverages.
I'm looking sooooo forward to it!
I guess that about does it for another week.  Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish...........
May you find the strength to meet every challenge with a smile, every hardship, with a grin.
May you find your inner mischief, and see what kind of trouble you can get in.
May you handle every responsibility with care, capability and grace.
May you also give in to the part of you that wants to prank without a trace.
May you make every important decision with foresight, maturity and wisdom.
May you realize most that seem so "life and death", won't seem nearly, in the long run.
Have a great week! Until next time!

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