Friday, November 8, 2013

In Remembrance, We Are Grateful!


In case you needed a nudge toward a smile, I thought I would provide one. Consider yourself nudged.

Sooooooo, this week was pretty flippin' awesome!

Things are still going full steam ahead at the shop........yay!

My youngest daughter got engaged to a young man who puts all kinds of goofy smiles on her face....Yay!

Aaaaaaaaand we were able to swing the purchase of a new stove......"Operation New Stove" completed. YAY!!

Yep, the shop is hopping with no signs of slowing down. I'm so glad we started this adventure when we did. The way things have fallen into place, even the things that went against our original plans, is pretty incredible. We are very lucky, happy, grateful people.

As I mentioned, our youngest daughter became engaged this week! She is so happy and excited! You know, as you are raising your kids and dreaming about their future, in your heart of hearts, you want for them to find their someone. You hope they build a life that lends itself to happiness every day. I believe, she and her fiancé, are well on their way to doing just that. We are so happy for them!

Aaaaaannnnnd.......I love weddings! I'm so excited to find out when and how and where they want to celebrate their special day!

Now, the same day our Bink became a fiancé, I received my early Christmas present! My brand new stove! The first brand new one I have ever owned! It's stainless steel, and black, shiny, and smooth. No dents, scrapes, personality disorders, and everything works! Everything!

I'm looking so forward to breaking that bad boy in with some Christmas baking. I might need to take a couple of days off. Hmmmm....maybe not a bad idea.

Oh, I guess you might be wondering why these ramblings are hitting the airwaves a bit early, this week. Well, as I mentioned last week, this is the weekend I will be heading up to my friend's place for some, catching up, adult beverages, maybe a movie or two, and some simple R&R!

Yep, I will be playing hooky for a chunk of this afternoon, and take off early, as not to have to drive in these snowy, icy, conditions with the added hindrance of the dark. Where I am headed, the wildlife loves to tread, so daylight is always a plus.

My hubby is so sweet to let me take this time, guilt free. He is, and always will be my Honey.

As for the upcoming week........................

Have a great time with friends!

Gratuitous baby snuggling!

Work at the shop, doing my best to keep things running as smoothly as possible. It's kinda like chess, you are always planning for about 6 moves ahead.

Get some rehearsal in for our upcoming show.

Work on my next book.

Well folks, that about does it for another week. I hope you had a good one, and the next one is even better!

As this is Remembrance Day weekend, here in Canada, I'd like to take a moment to show appreciation to those who have fought for the freedoms we take for granted every day.

With that in mind, I'll leave you with this wish.

May we remember to be mindful of the sacrifices made, lives lost, and the souls, now only rubble.
May we remember to be grateful for the freedoms these allow, not live in an entitlement bubble.

May we remember to support the ones who return, changed, dark, broken by what they have seen.
May we remember to hold up the ones at home who wait, for they are braver then we've ever been.

May we remember to work toward a world in which these sacrifices aren't needed, peace demanded.
May we remember, until we achieve such a place, to say thank you and honor what we've been handed.

Thanks for taking the time to read these ramblings!

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