Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mother Nature......Wow!


As I'm sitting here, we are having our first blizzard day of the year. It's snowy, blowy, icy and cold. I felt the urge to look at something warm. Hence the pic.

While watching the white stuff make it's presence known, I can't help but be awestruck by Mother Nature. Here, there is a blizzard, albeit a pretty minor one by our normal standards, in the Philippines, complete and utter devastation.

Sitting at my desk, I can feel the total and complete desperate sadness emanating from across the world. As a human race, I think we can all feel it. My heart breaks for those in the middle of the chaos and horror, it hurts for those no longer living there, desperately trying to locate family and friends. 

Whenever something like this happens, typhoons, earthquakes, tornadoes, even a not-so-terrible blizzard, it's a giant reminder of how small we are. How, no matter how we hustle, strive, drive, play politics, build, tear down, rebuild, dig, drag, drill and destroy, we really have no actual control over anything.

That can be a scary thought. We are but one race, on one tiny planet, one, among millions in this vastness. 

As I understand, and believe it to be, although we are but a minuscule part of a much greater, grander universe, the fact that we even exist means we have a purpose. All of us, each of us. I believe life is packed with opportunities to find out what that is. Every time something happens that is so completely beyond your control, seemingly out of the blue, good or bad, I believe it's one of those opportunities, a pathway opening.

All we can do is our best to support each other in this journey, let go of the judgement of others, for most times it only shines a light on our own ignorance, and be kind, we could all use it.

When opportunity knocks, I don't think we should merely answer the door, but embrace whatever awaits.

Blizzards make me think.


This week was busy, as usual. So glad we are staying that way.

After returning from a much needed, fantastic "girl weekend"..........

We were finally able to finish off a job that was a royal pain in the insurance. Not ours. It involved a very nice customer, his wife, their fridge, and a cluster@#%$ of circumstances perpetuated by their insurance company. They insisted on reconditioned parts, originally meant for another model, which, in turn, meant other things didn't fit right either. I was unable to locate correct parts, because in refurbishing the part, they painted over every bloody identifying number. It was a 3-month long exercise in frustration, both for us and our customer. But, the job is now complete, and they were able to pick up their trailer, and will be able to leave and go wherever snowbirds go, on time.

We also were able to make some headway in a couple of other jobs, take in some baby snuggles, toddler squeezes, and kindergarten goofiness.

Another good week.

So, for the days ahead...............................

Work on my next book...............

Watch some very important football...............

Finish off some jobs at the shop........

Get in some rehearsal for the show next weekend...................

Participate in a trade show right here at home on Wednesday.......(Milden Hall)

Start scattering some snowmen around my house.....they are begging to be released!

Until next time....I thank you once again for taking the time to read these ramblings. To my readers from the are in my thoughts and prayers.

May you feel the whole of humankind embrace you, giving you the strength to carry on.
May you let that strength lift you, not allow your soul to be buried, broken, gone.

May all you hold close, be with you, if not in body, as angels to help you through.
May you feel them within your heart, feeding your spirit, determination renewed.

May you get to the other side of this horror, though scarred and forever changed.
May you get to the other side of this horror, live life, your life, however rearranged.

May you wake after many tomorrows able to feel the sun again on your face.
May you feel your angels, always, for you will be forever in their embrace.

Until next time......

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