Friday, November 22, 2013

Shivering and Shenanigans!

This, my friends who live in warmer climates, is what -29 degrees looked like today, from where I stood.

Who am I kidding, this is pretty much what -20 something degrees and colder will look like from where I stand for the next oooooohhhhh at least 4 months.

I love where I live, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to get to miss winter. I mean, deep in my heart, yearning for snow, can't remember what cold feet feel like, doesn't hurt to breathe in, oh, that's a snow shovel?,  kind of missing it.

In our neck of the woods, there have been a fair amount of people finding their way to us in search of jobs. We are very fortunate to have plenty of them to go around. Some of these adventurous souls come from much warmer places on this planet, and they are now experiencing their first Saskatchewan winter. I feel bad for them. They were bundling up in full on winter gear as early as a few weeks ago. At this point, I hadn't really put on a real jacket. I can't imagine what must be going through their minds about this move. I can't help but wonder what they might think when it hits -40, or colder, as it's bound to do at least a few times.

Just keep in mind, our new winter newbie friends, it doesn't last forever, it's a great opportunity to have cozy get togethers with friends, and it's all manageable if you just keep your socks woolly, and your toddy strong!

So, for the past week..........................

The shop is staying very busy, with new jobs booking in almost daily. It's awesome!

We finished up a brand new roof, put on an awning, and were able to help two "come off the highway" emergencies.

I was also lucky enough to participate in a small trade show right here at home. It was so nice to see everybody and get caught up with some folks I hadn't seen in a long while!

The week also included some grandbaby snuggles, some preliminary online wedding dress snooping with my daughter, some Christmas shopping, and other shenanigans.

And, though I have managed to pretty much stay out of trouble thus far, the week is not over.

The reason I am writing these ramblings a bit early this week is due to the fact we have a show to do tomorrow night.

This is a fun group, and they have a heritage dipped richly in shenanigans. It courses through their veins, I kid you not. I know this, as I am related to quite a few of them.

As for the remainder of the upcoming week.....................

Watch our hometown Riders win the Grey Cup! ( This will only remotely matter to you if you know the words to "Green Is The Colour.") If you Google Saskatchewan Roughriders, you will understand.

Start on another big siding job, and work in a couple of smaller ones where we can.

Decorate my house for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!(Snowmen will be coming out to play!!!!!)

Get a start on the Christmas baking.

Until next time, thanks again for reading these ramblings.  Don't forget you can get your copies of "Lexi's Magic Clothes", "A Crazy Day", "Tags Go In The Back", and "Everyday Wishes For Your Extraordinary Life" online at at our shop in Rosetown, and at McNally Robinson, both in Saskatoon and Winnipeg. (I hear they make pretty good stocking stuffers!)

I would be honored to be ripped open on Christmas morning.  Wait, that may have come out wrong......

Until next week, I'll leave you with this wish........

May every Holiday party you attend feel like a show at Rockefeller Center.
May you get a warm and welcoming feeling from every room you enter.

May any shenanigans be kept legal, and not contain actions where regrets are conceived.
May all remain dignified and classy, genteel gifts both given and received.

May the memories made be the ones you hold in your heart with a smile.
May they not be the kind with fuzzy recollection, a good idea at the time, and a trial.

May you, I guess I'm trying to say, have a great time, enjoy some mischief, but don't overdo, misjudge,  or overlook.
May you, as I usually remind guests at a show, not do anything you don't want to see on YouTube or  FaceBook!

Until Next Time!

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