Friday, March 14, 2014

Ahhhh The Smell Of Spring!

Spring is close.....I can smell it!     Literally, I can smell it. When you live in rural Saskatchewan, the first signs of spring go a little something like this......
1. The rabbits that roam our wide open spaces start changing back into their summer attire. Slipping out of their winter whites, into their spring wardrobes of greys and browns.
2. Migrating birds start showing up again, sometimes a bit early, therefore having a bit of trouble finding open, un-frozen water.
3. As the snow melts, there is mud. A lot. Of. Mud. Probably enough mud to keep the population of China sufficiently supplied if the whole country ever decided to take up the lofty sport of mud wrestling.
4. Then there is the smell. The air actually smells warmer, if that's possible. Or, maybe, it' just the fact that it doesn't hurt to breathe outside, anymore. There are some not-so-great smells that come with this particular change of the season, as well. Ahhhhhhh, the not-so-subtle hint of a thawing lagoon wafting in the breeze, one of the earliest signs of spring. Thankfully, that little assault on the nose gives way to the much more enjoyable scents of freshly worked land, lilacs and just-cut lawns, before too terribly long. 
5. Last, well, at least last on this list today, is, gophers. In Saskatchewan, when the first gophers start popping up, it makes it official. Spring has Sprung. I've yet to see any this year, and it most likely will be a few weeks yet, but it's coming.
I can smell it.
So this past week had it's usual craziness, with the added bonus of what I'm sure is the beginning of our Spring traffic at the shop. People breathe in the Spring type air and thoughts of camping start to dance in their heads. I know it has in ours. ( July long weekend campsite already booked! lol)
Along with scraping goop off of things, assisting in installing windows, doors and an awning, I was able to finalize the details on an Author Showcase that I'm participating in next month,  come up with a bit of a game plan for another school visit coming up on the 20th of this month, and received the paperwork for a library visit that also takes place in April.
It's going to be a great Spring.
In the upcoming week...
Tomorrow night we are doing a St. Patrick's Day Karaoke show in Luseland. Let the green beer and jello shots flow!
Thursday, I'll be visiting our local Elementary school, along with several other local authors. We are doing a sort of workshop to encourage kids to write. I get to work with wee ones in the first grade. It's going to be so much fun. Just what all parents crave, their children further developing  skills in telling tall tales. Hehehehehehe. 
Then, next Saturday, I'm taking my baby girl to buy a wedding dress. Wow. How did that happen?! I'm looking so forward to it. With her three big sisters and her Mom there to cheer her on, I'm sure she will find the perfect one for her.
 I know she will be gorgeous, but whenever I think about it, I get flashbacks of her, in pigtails, sitting in the restaurant where I used to work, playing cards with my boss. I see her on my kitchen floor with her carefully collected crickets, looking up and explaining how she was going to start a cricket circus, and how they were all named George. I see her, so careful, learning to ride a bike, learning to skate, things that terrified her, but she did them anyway.
I see her taking on a field where few women tread and even fewer are welcome, and excel. I see her becoming a young, single mom who struggled....hard, but managed. I see a young, brave woman, who is now Mommy to two beautiful souls, and soon will be the wife of a man who is, biologically, father to one baby, but Daddy to both. I see her for who she is. Magnificent.
My daughters never seize to amaze me with the incredible women they've become.
Well, that about does it for this week. I better go and finish doing laundry....................
Until then, I'll leave you with this wish..................
May every morning bring with it a fresh outlook, a fresh start, a decision to make it a great day.
May yesterday's worries find resolution, and today's challenges be minimal in every way.
May you find the lighter side to every situation, even those which carry incredibly.. dead.. weight.
May you find the humour in problems now, for you will look back and laugh later anyway, why wait.
May you take the time to breathe deeply, soak in beauty, bathe in a future so bright and so clear. 
May you dare and decide to be happy, you deserve every bit of it, it's yours, claim it, carry no fear.
Until next time.....have a great week!

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