Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's On The Internet, So It Must Be True!

I sized it up a notch or two to be sure you could see it clearly. It's on the internet, so it must be true!
Ok, ok, according to this test and a few others like it, I look like Scarlett Johansson, I was a hippie in a past life, Morgan Freeman should play me, if they ever make a movie about my life, my future husband will be a scuba diving ventriloquist named Sven, and the career most suited to my personality is a bikini wearing tuba player who leads parades at the North Pole.
It's on the internet...soooooo.......................................
So, this week has been pretty fun.
We did our St. Paddy's Day show and had a great time. There was plenty of green jello shots for everyone! The next day, we were able to stay for a bit and have a nice visit with my brother and his wife.
Then it was back to the races!
We were able to finish off two major projects at the shop and start a third. This one requires replacement of an entire wall and roof!  I'm sure I'll be learning a lot helping the hubby with this one!
The writing workshop with the Grade one class was awesome! The kids were fantastic, as kids are. They sat so well as I read my books and then were happy to participate in the little writing exercise I had prepared.  They are so cute! While they worked away, they asked a few questions, and a few of the kids took this opportunity to compliment me on my necklace and sparkly fingernails. But the one that stood out most of all?  It was the first time in my life I had been told I have a nice head! Who knew?!
Today, my friends, was wedding dress shopping day for my youngest daughter, Kerianne, better known, to us anyway, as Bink.  I would love to show you pictures, but I can't. Not yet. But, I will, after the wedding.
She tried on 4 or 5 dresses with her Mom, sisters, niece and baby daughter cheering her on. She fell in love with one so different from the pictures she had been showing to me over the past few weeks. You just never know what is going to make your heart sing until you try it, I guess.
She looks amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, and most of all, she looks like a woman about to be married, in that dress. After a few happy tears were shed, there were hugs and pictures galore, and then it was off to lunch!
Yep, my girls talked me into trying sushi for the first time. I have to admit, it was freakin' delicious! I would tell you what it was we ate, but I don't remember what any of it was called! There just seemed to be an endless parade of yumminess being brought to the table! I would definitely go again.
When we got back home, Bink's fiancé brought Jake out and we had a nice supper together and Grandpa and Grandma got a much appreciated chance to play with some grandbabies.
All in all, a pretty incredible week.
As for the next few days........................
As I mentioned, there is a trailer in need of a wall and a roof, I will be doing my best to help in any way I can with that.
There will also be some bookkeeping chores to be handled...........
Then, next Saturday I will be taking part in a trade show at the Civic Centre in Rosetown. I will be sharing table space with Bink as she promotes her new venture. She has started doing custom cakes for weddings and birthdays, etc. If you like, you can take a peek at some of the cakes she's done on her Facebook page. Kakes by Kran. (Shameless plug :)
So folks, that about does it for me, this week. My feet are tired, and my heart is full. A good time to say good night.
Until next week, I'll leave you with this wish............................
May you, as you ask the thousandth time for your child to say please and thank you, know it matters.
May you know, these little things, become the mortar that holds their character together as they grow, it matters.
May you, as you help your young ones understand and develop tools to handle life's storms, know it matters.
May you, as you allow them small decisions, complete with consequence, this is a needed skill, it matters.
May you know that with every tear dried, scrape kissed, broken heart put on the mend, it matters.
May you know that knowing you are there no matter what, even in discipline, maybe especially in discipline, it matters.
May you know that sending a child out into the world in the body of a grown up is cruel, it matters.
May you know, without life skills and tools, going out into the world can be nearly impossible, can break a soul, it shatters.
Until next time!
I've been asked where my books are available. You can find them at McNally Robinson, both in Saskatoon and Winnipeg, and online at  They can be shipped anywhere!

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