Saturday, April 12, 2014

Never Get In A Fight With A Ladder! Trust Me On This One!


The  above photo was taken at the reading I did at the library in Luseland, this morning. There weren't a ton of kids there, but the ones that were had a pretty dang good time!

It's always so much fun! I love library readings for 2 main reasons. One, there is usually at least one baby present, and today was no exception, AAnnnnnd, the parents come! It's fun to watch them try and keep the "kid" out of their faces, as the stories get told. I especially love it when the Dads catch themselves giggling!

In that minute, you get a glimpse of the munchkin they used to be before the grown up world got such a hold on them.

To bring that back to just one hardworking, busy, stressed, sometimes frazzled adult, even if it is only for a silly second, is always worth any drive.

Sooooooooo, it's been an interesting few days...............................

On the courier front.....long story short, I'm up to vice presidents, moving on and up further.......................

Otherwise, at the shop........

You can definitely tell Spring is officially here!  The phone is getting busy, people are needing things looked at and fixed before camping season begins. Some bigger insurance jobs are still trickling in, and we are gaining customers from further and further away.

Yup, looks like it's going to be another busy Spring/Summer! Bring it on!

Tuesday, I got to be "Grandma" all day, and take care of our two youngest grandbabies, while their Mommy went to a class.  I have to say, it was kind of nice to slip into diaper changin', snack gettin, snot wipin' mode again. crazy, the things you catch yourself missing......

Wednesday was......well.....pretty much the day from hell.

I woke up with a highly unsettled tummy and had to time the commute to work between bathroom

I was plugging away at work when we heard a bang from outside....

The wind was gusting up to 70km/hr at this point, and knocked our hugely obnoxious sign over, missing our car by inches!

Now, this sign is BIG and HEAVY! We managed to wrestle it upright, and then I stood on the edge of the leg and held on for dear life, trying to think heavy thoughts and anchor it down while my hubby cabled it to our sign post.

It was like trying to stand on a mechanical bull, with a sadist at the controls!

When my hubby secured the top, he moved on to securing the bottom. At that very second, as luck would have it, an extra hearty gust of wind blew the ladder he had been using, over. Not that big a deal, except it whacked me on the head on it's way down.

Now, if sign-riding while getting whacked in the head with a 30lb ladder, and NOT getting knocked off, or knocked out, was an Olympic sport? I'm pretty sure I would have been hearing the national anthem and seeing some fireworks at some point. But, seeing as it is not, I'll have to settle for the slight humming in my ears, and the random bits of vertigo I am enjoying at present.

Slight concussion, probably. Fatal, I hardly think so. There are people out there with real problems.

I was less than a great work partner the rest of the week, I'm afraid. It took twice a long to do anything, as trying to harness any level of concentration and focus for customers was like trying to put drunk, angry kangaroos into tutus for the queen. Not as easy as it sounds.........................

Anywho,  I am thankful that I was still able to do the reading today.........and I don't think anyone was the wiser.

Tomorrow, I'm going to try and rest this melon.

The rest of the following week will be business as usual.................but for the great thing I get to take part in on Tuesday!

Yep, on Tuesday, I am honored to be part of an Author's Showcase being put on at the elementary school in Biggar. A couple of other authors will be participating as well.

I get to do 2 sessions. One just before lunch, and one after. They are even providing lunch for us! So fancy!

I better be careful, or all this fanciness might go to my head, and right now, there's no room......................

'Cuz of the kangaroos.

It's gonna be a great week!

Well, that about does it for me, this time 'round.

Until next time I'll leave you with this wish....................

May any and all humming you hear be external, pleasant, on key, and in tune.
May any fireworks be intentional, also external, all rides voluntary, and....prune...yeah, prune rhymes with tune.

May you be aware that ladders make crappy kites.
May you know, getting one on the head, well, bites.

May you know, if this was serious, I would take it seriously, and not laugh.
May you completely understand, in round two? I'm gonna kick some ladder ass!

Kangaroos in tutus............just sayin'...............................

See you next week!

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