Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shorts When It's Barely Above Zero? Absofreakinlutely!

That's right, folks! If you look closely at the guy on the walking bridge, you will observe the fact that he is, indeed, wearing shorts.

Now, for my friends who read this blog from exotic lands, where a snowflake rarely, if ever, falls, and who may become concerned or confused by this photo, you must understand that this does not mean that this corner of the planet we call home has suddenly become tropical, and somehow jumped seasons in some strange phenomenon.

No, this simply means that residents of this part of the world are so desperate for Spring, or weather that event remotely carries a hint of Spring on it's breezes, that the second the temperature rises the slightest few degrees above zero, the shorts come on and the bikes come out.

On our way to Saskatoon, where this was taken, we saw swarms of bicyclists riding on the edge of the highway, miles from anywhere. We saw people standing and socializing outside of restaurants.....outside! On purpose! Just standing and chatting! Not running from warm building to car or vise versa, or shuffling along at an Olympic speed walker's pace with their faces wrapped in enough yarn to keep any crazy cat lady''s collection of felines occupied for years! Standing outside, just hanging out, loitering, for lack of a better word.

It's like the veil of hibernation was officially lifted today, and we were all given the go ahead to come out to play.

This winter was particularly, and unusually cold, which also made it seem unusually long.

So bring on the shorts, Captain Barely Above Zero Man, bring on the shorts!

It's been a pretty great week! When I left you last time I was headed to a trade show, a visit to my Mom's house and gearing up for a busy week at the shop.

Well, the tradeshow went pretty well. Some family showed up to take a look around and grab a quick visit. This included getting to meet our newest grand nephew who is almost 2 months old, and tiny, and so sweet.

My daughter sold all of her baked wares and quite a few people were picking up cards and showing some enthusiastic interest in her cakes and cupcakes.

Happily, a few more copies of my books found new homes, as well. It's so nice to hear that wee ones are asking for my books to be read to them. Still tickles me to no end, I'm not gonna lie.

After we packed up, we headed to my Mom's house for some much needed catching up. As a bonus, my older brother and some of his family were in town too, so it was kind of a double catch up!

Then it was back home and back to work.

If you remember, last week, you may have sensed that there was a bit of frustration involving the delivery of a part for one of our customer's trailers. If you recall, I decided to take a stand, and in doing so, I have now realized, I have begun a journey that may be even longer than I first thought.

It seems that reaching anyone with authority is more difficult than expected. I'm not sure exactly why the person in this position is so incredibly difficult to get an audience with. After all, all I want to do is talk to this person, find out what the deal is, and help them to see that doing the right thing is always the best thing in the long run. Even if it's not the easiest thing at the time. This is something we were able to instill in our daughters as children, surely, a mature, grown adult shouldn't find it such an impossible lesson to learn, right?

I think they think that if they simply ignore me, I'll just go away. And I've made that pretty clear, I think. maybe I need to call again tomorrow.........yeah, I'm pretty sure I do.........................

I've explained to them that I've raised four daughters very close in age and ran a day home for years, they will never out wait me, if that is their thinking. I can pretty much guarantee I have more patience than anyone they have on staff, and I'm happy to prove it if they so choose to go that route.

I'm really hoping they don't choose that route, I don't want this to turn into a time sucking, joy eating thing.

Then, today, as I mentioned earlier, we went to Saskatoon. Yep, we needed to return a motorhome ladder that had been mistakenly sent to us.

We decided to take advantage of the trip and get in some visits with our daughters and their boyfriends, my sister, her hubby and kids, and get in some shopping for grandbabies.

As for the next week........................

There will be several phone calls involving the search of the mysterious "person in charge" at the courier company..............

There will be baby snuggles...................

There will be assisting in trailer repair....................

Preparing for, and then attending a reading at the library in Luseland, on Saturday.

Well that about does it for this week.......Have a great one!

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.......................

May everyone you need to speak with be available, willing and gracious on the other end of the line.
May you be prepared to wait, playing phone tag, no one said it had to be without at least one glass of wine.

May every Goliath that stumbles upon your path be made aware that the big guys don't always win.
May they be made to understand, that the Davids of this world, though small, carry mountainous might within.

May they come to understand that they simply don't create the rules for Everyone's game, only their own.
May they understand their "policies" aren't laws, I'll explain it, I will, if you'd just answer your damn phone!

Until next time!

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