Saturday, April 26, 2014

Family Around The Table..Boogie Men Under The Bed?!

As you may gather from the photos above, Easter was pretty fun. It was so nice to be able to spend some time with our kids and grandkids. We were a couple short of a complete set, but considering everyone's busy lives, we were grateful it was only a couple.

To sit at the table and listen to the chatter, watch my 2yr old grandson feed his Auntie ever so carefully and gently, to sneak my 6 yr old grandson some dessert, even if he didn't eat his peas, to have our 6 month old granddaughter practice her sitting skills in the middle of the dining room do these things, to be able to do these things, feeds my soul. I am beyond grateful.

Soooo, after the festivities, it was back to the shop.....................

Another very busy week flew by in a blink. Foot traffic through the shop is definitely picking up, as well as people calling to book their trailers in for service and repairs. We are officially back to being open 6 days a week for the the season, so let the games begin!

As for the upcoming week..............

Well, tomorrow will include a little road trip to do a service call, hopefully getting caught up on laundry and house stuff, and maybe kick back a bit.

The rest of the week is booked up with trailers, bookkeeping, my ongoing battle with my favourite courier service, and with any luck, a baby snuggle or two.

Sidebar: How ironic is it that the driver for said courier service stopped in our shop this past week in desperate need of a repair for the roof of his truck? Yep, raining cats and dogs, and the last 3 feet of his cube van roof was waving like a beauty queen in a parade. Of course we helped him out, but just for a fleeting moment, a few different scenarios were taking place in this very fertile, sometimes dark, imagination............................

But, in the end, you have to do what's right, and let karma take care of the rest, right? Well, I guess, unless you want to be "that guy", and I don't wanna be "that guy."

Hopefully, very soon, I will be able to send my new book off to the illustrator. Having it in hand by the end of this school year is a bust, but I'm still shooting for the end of July, wish me luck!

So, that about does it for me, this time around. Except for a shameless plug... Mother's day is around the corner, and I've been told that receiving a copy of "Everyday Wishes For Your Extraordinary Life" has been a much appreciated gift..........just sayin'. (I have copies at the shop, if you are around Rosetown, they are currently sold out at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon, but I'll make sure they get more copies quickly, if they are requested. You can also always order online at

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish.....................

May the challenge that causes the most nervousness and anxiety be seen for what it really is, instead.
May you see that it is the adult version of the boogie man you were so sure, as a child, lived in your closet, under your bed.

May you fight the urge to pull the covers over your head, swaddling blankets so they don't, in any way, dangle off the side.
May you, instead, jump up, throw on the light, swing open the closet door, revealing only disappearing shadows, who dared to make you want to hide.

May you see you are your own boogie man, for all he is, is self-doubt, that grows and festers in the dark, feeding on your confidence, making you feel small.
May you keep your confidence, nurture your confidence, starving him out, until you find yourself wondering if he ever existed at all.

Until next week............................................

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