Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gratitude & Grandbabies!

Well, hi!

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy lives to read these ramblings each week.

The top photo lists the top ten countries in which my blog has been read these past seven days. The countries listed in the top ten varies from week to week, but there is one constant. I am blown away, humbled, and completely grateful for every single reader.

I can't begin to explain how much it means to me.

Thank you.

The other two photos? Well, they pretty much explain how I spent the majority of my day, today.
Does it get any better?

The rest of the week was pretty awesome......for the most part.

I began the week with receiving the first sketches from "Alfred Dinglwiggle", my next book. They look fantastic! It never seizes to amaze me how Valerie (my fantabulous illustrator) can take notes at the bottom of a page and turn them into the vision I have been carrying around in my imagination since I wrote the story.

Alfred is sooooooo dang cute! I'm so excited to have the process in motion. I can't wait to have the finished book in my hands!

The past week at the shop was pretty hectic. But, it was worth it. A lot of people are enjoying a weekend at the lake because of it. It tickles me to no end to see people get to go and have fun, and to have even a small hand in helping that happen is pretty satisfying, to say the least.

As for my favourite courier service? Well, I hate to admit defeat, but, I may have no choice.

They won't deviate from their "policy." After corresponding with customer service supervisors, district managers, vice presidents and the like, I filed a complaint with the better business bureau, but, apparently our case "doesn't fall under the umbrella of situations in which they get involved."

My next step would be court. This would end up costing more money and time then they owe us to begin with.

The bully fighting, justice seeking activist in me doesn't want to let it go, but the logical business owner in me doesn't see much sense in pursuing the matter any further.

I guess I will have to take comfort in knowing I did what I could, and let Karma take care of the rest. This is where it would be fantastic if I had a lawyer named Karma... right?! But, alas, I do not. Dang.

Well, nothing more I can do. Time to move on to bigger, better, and much less frustrating things! Giving them any more thought is robbing every other awesome part of my life the attention it deserves. They've stolen enough of my energy.

In the next week...............

I will be one step closer to a finished book..................

We will have had a hand in several more camping adventures...........

We will hopefully be finding out if our speaker will be repaired in time for our next show..........

Sidenote*  I have found a great website, which is kind of the karaoke version of itunes. Now, I no longer have to buy an entire CD, inevitably getting a bunch of songs I already have, just to get the few I don't!

Life is good!

Until next time, thanks again for spending the time. I appreciate it.

May your battles be small, your opponents few, your weapons mighty, your courage endless.
May you fight with honor, integrity, and wisdom, balancing the worth of the win, anger is relentless.

May you see the difference between fighting for a cause, and causing a fight, for sometimes they are twins.
May you see one affects true change, while the other is simply about collecting the wins.

May you see that battles driven by pride and ego only ever end in heart ache, pain and loss.
May you see with such things there are no winners, those left standing simply add up the costs.

May you understand that there are real fights to fight, for our children, for our voiceless, for our hungry, our enslaved.
May you see drama, for the sake of drama, is an undesirable war monument on which to have your name engraved.

See you next time!

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