Thursday, May 29, 2014

Magic Carpet Ride, Anyone?


Well, here it is! A sneak peek at the cover of my next book!

He is so dang cute! I am sooooo thankful for the talented people out there who can create illustrations like these. People like me, shall we say, pictorially challenged, would be completely lost without them!

Now, on to the next steps! Page layouts, rear cover design, etc. etc. etc.........

Just that much closer!

This week has been another very hectic one. We continue to be very busy at the shop, blood donor clinic was in town,( they were able to hook me up with one poke this time, Bonus!) we've been assisting a couple of customers in dealing with mouse issues in their campers. (These are the hantivirus kind of mice, pretty dangerous to deal with), book illustrations were completed, and I get to play hooky to go visit a friend!

We, however, will most likely have to rent speakers for our show next weekend, as ours isn't back from being repaired yet. Therefore, a set that works with the rest of our system will need to come home for a visit. So, this means we will need to find a block of time to go in to the city to pick them up. I think I may need to invest in a magic carpet.

As for the rest of the upcoming week? Well, the reason I'm sending these ramblings out into the world a bit early is the hooky playing I referred to earlier. Yep, taking off this weekend to visit my oldest and dearest girlfriend. We get together as often as we can, it never seems to be more than a few times a year, but it does wonders for recharging the ol' batteries.

There is something to be said for hanging out with friends of the same gender, of the same age, that have known you since you were 5. It provides it's own unique charge, slightly different from siblings and spouse, but just as comfortable.

Sooooo looking forward to it!

Then, next weekend, we have a show in Denzil. (as I mentioned, above). They are a really fun bunch of people to spend time with. Down-to-earth, fun-loving, friendly, and a little rowdy. Pretty much impossible not to have a good time!

Before I sign off for the week to speed along, trying to keep up with whatever life has to throw my way next, I'd like to take a moment to make note of the passing of Maya Angelou.

She was such an inspiring soul, who just seemed to know things. Wise doesn't seem like a big enough word, but, I suppose it will have to do. A kind heart, sharing lessons. Someone who truly understood the ripples of her touch.

Well folks, I gotta run. Until next time....................

May inspiration find you, hold you, lift you, motivate you, elevate you to heights thought unattainable.
May you embrace it, believe it, feel it, consume it, creating happiness completely sustainable.

May you find the time and space to recharge your soul, tune your heart strings, revitalize your "you".
May you take this time, not as a luxury, for it isn't, but as nourishment to be absorbed completely through.

May you embrace your fierce, your sassy, your fire, never fearing your strength, your power.
May the acceptance of this side of your "you" free your mind, putting within reach, your heart's desire.

Until next time....

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