Saturday, August 23, 2014

Alfred is Here! Alfred is Here!


Guess who showed up at the shop this week?!  It seemed like forever, but "Alfred Dinglewiggle" is finally ready to head out into the world and hopefully become fast friends with a ton of munchkins.

A few copies have already left the roost, and are making their way to their new homes in Alberta, Australia, and here in Saskatchewan. Here is where I cross my fingers and hope they like him.

It's kind of hard on the nerves, until you get the first bits of feedback. Silence is torture.....

Here's hopin'...................

If you'd like to purchase a copy, they will be available at McNally Robinson in Saskatoon as well as on my website  (shameless plug)

This week has been another one for the books.................

Along with the long awaited happy news of Alfred's arrival came the loss of a neighbour and friend.

A very kind and gentle soul that has lived across the street for 20 years lost an excruciating, cruel, lightning quick battle with cancer. He only had 6 weeks from the time of diagnosis.

I guess a person can take comfort in the fact that considering what he was dealing with, maybe a short battle wasn't the worst battle........ I guess.

In the meantime, his wife, children, grandchildren, and friends are left reeling.

Cancer is a murderous evil that needs to be stopped. I know there are researchers researching, I know there are countless medical and pharmaceutical personnel striving for answers, I know they are making headway, I know that a lot more people are surviving the ever shapeshifting varieties of this evil than ever before........ but it's not good enough. I wasn't good enough.

It can't be good enough until it stops killing us. I beg you, work faster, work harder, work better, whatever it takes. I, for one, am sick and tired of losing people I care about to this hateful thing and would love to never have to do it again.

As for the upcoming week................we keep going......because to do anything else would disrespect his memory................

It will be a busy week at the shop, once again. Thankfully and gratefully so.

The week will also include some errand running, taking some time out to donate blood, getting Alfred's poster made, dropping off copies of "Alfred" at McNally and getting the ball rolling on his official "launch."

I'm so excited and grateful! It all still feels pretty surreal at times.

Until next time......for those in it's wake...........

May I find some words where there are none, something... anything to even minutely ease this pain.
May you, as the shock dissipates, and numbness subsides, survive the shatter, withstand the strain.

May you, as the quiet surrounds you, grow peaceful, painful memories becoming sweet with time.
May you find rest, it helps heal the soul, to build strength, so out of the darkness you can climb.

May you see there are no rules for grieving, to time limits, no right and no wrong.
May you come through it as you see fit, as you choose, whether it be with tears, with anger, or a song.

May you know that when it gets so hard, you think it may break you completely apart.
May you know in that moment you're not alone, for nothing could ever make him leave your heart.

U|ntil next time...............................................

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