Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sharing The Spotlight.........


What a week.

I know most, if not all of you are aware of the passing of Robin Williams. If any of you aren't familiar with the name, please look him up. You won't be sorry.

I'm not sure why, for, of course, I never met the man, but, it feels like I've lost a friend.  I know I'm not alone in this. The outpouring of grief that has washed over all forms of social and other media gives a glimpse into the impact this guy had on all of us.

I think one of the reasons his passing has hit such a nerve is the fact that he was such a source of joy to all of us and it's next to impossible to comprehend the unfathomable despair that lived within him.  It doesn't seem possible that the two extremes could co-exist within the same being.

Because of the way he left us, a spotlight, though I expect a very temporary one, has been thrown on depression. It needs more.

When this horrible disease steals any glimmer of joy from a soul and whispers the way out over and over again until it drowns out any words of love or hope, it's potential to be fatal is huge.

When it steals a well known, much loved celebrity, it makes the news. It becomes a "trending topic", it gets it's 15 minutes of fame. What about all of the undiagnosed, silent victims that disappear into it's black hole, leaving a trail of grief stricken loved ones full of questions, never knowing.

It needs more.

As I mentioned, I never met Mr. Williams, but from what I have gathered from the hints of his person found in his body of works, I would dare to guess that he would agree. He didn't come across as a man who thought himself more important than the next guy, I think he would be ok with sharing the spotlight until we, as a society, can get a better handle on this disease....... Until we can find better ways to help......Until we find a way to beat this malicious, joy destroying thing.....Until......Until........Until...............

We will miss him. Not only for the comedy, the laughter, but also for the talent that could both, bring us to poignant tears and make us catch our breath in fear as a villain. He made us "feel". Always. In everything he did.

On a happier note...................................

This week has been filled with visits with friends, waiting for "Alfred", staying very busy at the shop, waiting for "Alfred", working on a couple of little projects here at home, waiting for "Alfred", laundry, running a ton of errands,oh, and did I mention, waiting for "Alfred"? He should be here soon! Right?!

In the upcoming week, I need to start getting serious about getting "Alfred" ready to meet the world. I need to get busy prepping for the "Word On The Street" festival coming up in Saskatoon in September. I need to get the ball rolling with McNally Robinson, as I promised to keep them in the loop about any new books.

I'm going to have to try and do a better job of splitting my time and energy between working at the shop and writing. I would dearly love to find a way to have better balance between the two......

I'll figure it out.....................

Well, my friends that about does it for this week.....until next time I'll leave you with this wish...........

May every sadness be fleeting, and every joy take hold.
May every darkness be overpowered by light; bright, and bold.

May you, if ever engulfed in the complete absence of joy, gather the strength to reach out, even if your voice feels weak.
May you find a crack in the putrid blackness, peel it back, revealing everything that makes you incredibly, fantastically unique.

May you know within the deepest parts of you, you are not in this alone. Not then, not now, not ever.
May you see that the isolation is an illusion, perpetuated by the darkness, it's not real, just clever.

May the good days outnumber the bad, until the bad become a fading, unpleasant distant afterthought.
May you find yourself victorious, full of peace, joy and heartfelt laughter, winner of a war hard fought.

Until next time!

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