Friday, August 8, 2014

Perspective Is Everything, Just Ask The Unicorn


I know this image is a little out of focus, but that's not the point. I know it is yet another photo of the landscape in which I live. That is not the point. I know it is one in an endless parade of sunset photos that clutter the internet like Gramma's knick knacks in her too small apartment. That is not the point. The point, my friends, is that if you look at it just right, you will see a unicorn pulling a carriage.

He is majestic and strong, and even as the anonymous driver lashes his cruel whip a whisper from his ear, he continues to pull, he continues to strive forward, he continues. Where he came from, we don't know, where he is headed is a mystery, all we can know is what we see in the moment in which we live.

I choose to see a unicorn pulling a carriage.

Perspective is everything.

How we view the world drives how we live within it's parameters. It's hard to live a bright life when you've grown up in dark places. It's hard to live quietly when all you know is noise, yet it is equally hard to live allowing yourself to be seen and heard if you've known nothing but forced silence.

We love the cliche about walking in another's shoes, but what we fail to recognize is that even if we walk in their shoes, both the view and journey would be different. We would be viewing from a different height, walking with a different gait, still seeing through the eyes of our own souls, never theirs. 

The truth is that walking in another's shoes isn't possible. So all that is left is to walk beside, even if it's only for a while, matching the gait, listening to the view from which they see the world. 

They may never see your unicorn, nor you, theirs, but that's ok, you don't have to to know it's there.


This week was another filled with working at the shop, running errands, trying to get things caught up at home, baby snuggling, email checking (no Alfred news yet), and the basic living of our day to day lives.

We, gratefully, remain very busy at the shop, doing our small part in keeping those camping dreams alive! Lol

As I mentioned, I haven't received any word on the exact date that "Alfred" will be arriving. All I know is that it will be soon. Now, I need to get ready to send him out into the world. An extremely scary/exciting/hopeful/anxious time indeed.

As for the upcoming days.....................

I will have the great privilege of spending some quality time with my oldest and dearest friend. I'm looking so forward to it, and I can't thank my hubby enough for holding down the fort so I can go. He is truly my hero! 

I need to get my butt in gear, as far as getting ready to launch "Alfred". I need to make posters, get in touch with McNally about hosting an event etc...........

It will be another busy week at the shop, there have been a few bad storms, as of late, which have resulted in some damage for some. I guess Mother nature doesn't really give a tinker's damn about camping, when she wants to stomp, she stomps.

So until next time, take a peek at my website.....someone new is hanging out there........

May those who walk beside you sometimes meet your gait, not always expecting you to match their stride.
May you fearlessly count on them with a steady reliability akin to the moon's pull on oceans' tide.

May contentment and peace make up the entirety of your life, leaving stress and anxiety behind as unwanted and most definitely unrecyclable trash.
May you leave behind any embers of negativity that want to burn, turning them  into nothing but cold tinder and ash.

May you one day look back and know you were good to you, not allowing yourself be treated in a way you would never treat others.
May your reflection in the rear view witness your now self surrounding your then self with the protective light in which you would engulf your child, sisters or brothers.

May you share your unicorn freely, fearlessly, although some will laugh, and not even try to see what you see.
May you share, for you will find those who will listen to your unicorn tale, and though they don't see it, get it, completely.

Until next time, feel free to check it out! Pre-order if you wish!

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