Saturday, October 4, 2014

Living Life Full Frontal


On our way home from our last service call, we came across an abandoned farm yard. Left, were the echoes of the family that once, long ago, filled this space with laughter, love and hardships.

I don't know this as fact, I only know this as true.  As I wandered, my imagined history of this place filled me with images so vivid, so clear, they seemed like memories.  As if my own distant past was being presented to me as a gift.

Among all that lies here, broken and forgotten, there is definitely a story. I saw it, I felt it.  Now, I just need to  give it wings.

It's such a cool experience, when this happens, but, it's hard to explain without coming off as a little mentally unstable.

I mean, it feels a little crazy, when it happens, and sounds even more so, when you say it out loud.

I'm often asked where I get my stories from......I guess the best explanation is that, although some stories have roots in reality, others, the majority, jump out at me from an image or a face, or they simply sneak up on me in abandoned farm yards.

I think it's an instinctual reaction that taps into the you you are meant to be. With me, it's the images of stories, bold and bright. With a teacher, it may just knowing the perfect way to reach that hard to reach child.  With a chef it may be knowing, without ever being taught, what flavors will tickle the taste buds in the most glorious way. With a repairman, it can be looking at something or hearing something, and instantly knowing what is wrong.

I think it's there for all of us, uniquely ours,  we just have to be open, and be more than a little willing to let ourselves feel a bit crazy, now and again.

Soooooooo...... this week was filled with more than a few late nights at work, some baby snuggles, some straight up 6 yr old grandson goofiness, month end bookkeeping madness, laundry, housework and other glamorous things.

I did manage to get a date narrowed down for a signing for "Alfred" . I will be sure to let you know as soon as it is solid.

As for the upcoming days......................

Well, as well as a normal work week, this week will also involve a date night with my honey, a dentist, a nail tech, a tradeshow and most importantly our youngest grandbaby's first birthday party!

It's hard to believe she is going to be 1 already!

Life is full! Life is good! Life is blast! Enjoy!

Well, gotta run, so until next time I'll leave you with this wish.......

May whatever makes you unique, make you shine, allow the shimmer to thrive.
May you know that when you do, you'll truly start to feel completely alive.

May your inner, untold story come to light, full frontal, in your face, impossible to be ignored.
May you get to know it, become it, even if not to immediately share, allow into your soul, stored.

May you, when you're ready, share your shimmer, allowing it to light the path you are meant to take.
May you know your life is yours to live, devour, enjoy, leaving loving echoes of laughter in your ever dancing wake.

Until next time.......

Please check it out.......

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