Saturday, October 11, 2014

Starting With The Fifth................

Well folks, in Canada, upon this weekend falls a celebrated holiday of feasting with friends and family.  Thanksgiving.

Yep, this is the time we set aside every year to take a step back, examine our lives and consciously put forth an attitude of gratitude.

When the question of "What are you grateful for?" comes around, the reflex answer is usually "family, friends and health."  I mean, this probably is as it should be. Kind of like when someone asks how you are, your reflex reaction is "fine, how are you?"

But, what would happen if we had to take those instant answers off of the menu, so to speak? What if we didn't answer with the first, second, third, or even fourth thing that comes to mind?

What would the answer be if the "first" thing started with the fifth?

Starting with the fifth makes us dig a bit deeper, think a bit harder, feel a bit more.

Starting with the fifth tends to get past the "supposed to's" to "what is".

I think that sometimes it's good to get past the automatic thoughts and reactions we are "supposed to" have, or so we are taught and coached throughout our lives.   I think that sometimes, when we do, we get to know ourselves just that much better. The self beyond the titles and labels. The self behind the "supposed to's".

Starting with the fifth.

Now, along with an introspective examination of gratitude, Thanksgiving is also a time where, traditionally, diets become a foggy afterthought, many head home for Mom's stuffing, and pumpkin pie, and everybody breaks out their fat pants.

We will be celebrating with a birthday party for our youngest grandbaby, Laney. She's 1. Already.

Leading up to this fine weekend was a week that really flew by!

Many errands were ticked off my list of "to do's".

Dentist appointment.....check

Get new tires put on the car.........kind of check....the tires came damaged, have to try again next week.

Get some paper work caught up at the shop..........check

Have several fairly meaningless phone calls back and forth with various insurance people  about different clients claims.........check (try again next week)

Remember to go to nail appointment.........check

Get some rehearsal in for upcoming Halloween Show..........check


Attend the Family Harvest Festival Market...........check

Oh.....AAAANNNDDD get a definite date set for a signing event for "Alfred Dinglewiggle" at McNally Robinson! ....CHECK! It will be on Saturday Nov.15th at 1pm! So excited!

The upcoming few days will include some birthday cake, baby snuggles, toddler goofiness, 6 year old tomfoolery, and likely a bit of teenage angst.

There will also be another trip for new tires, more phone calls, glamorous dust bunny hunting, trailers to assist with, and maybe beginning this week, just maybe, I might be able to sneak a day a week to dedicate to writing. I hope I can swing it................

So until next time....I am very grateful to you. You, who take the time out of your day to read these ramblings each week. I am forever grateful to you and for you.

May your turkey be tender and your pie be sweet.
May everything turn out beautifully, every morsel, every treat.

May all who attend have a fantastic time catching up with each other's news.
May the subjects of conversation stay light, maybe steer away from political views.

May you, once the din dies down, and you are left with a heap of dishes, not one thing in it's place
May you see past it all to your reflection, where you carry a giant smile upon your face.

Until next time.................

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