Sunday, October 26, 2014

Rug Pullers And Connecting The Dots!


Well folks, another week is in the books!

The early part of the week was spent in the shop, hanging out with my hubby, assisting in repairs, making sure the paperwork on current customers is complete and making doubly sure our ducks are in a row for upcoming jobs.

There is still quite a bit to do before the snow flies, and as we are creeping up on the end of October, aaaaannnndddd we live where we live, that could be any day now.

Then, on Thursday, after work, I was off!

Yup, on Friday it was my privilege to do a reading at a Jubilee Community School in Meadow Lake, Sk.

What a great staff, and fantastic group of kids! Thanks so much for having me!

Even though I have had the honour of doing several readings in a bunch of different schools now, there are times when it feels like someone is going to bust in on one of these sessions, pull out the rug from under me and yell,

"Who the hell do you think you are?!"

Negativity is an evil little nibbler who likes to feast on any and all insecurities.

It's in these moments I have to take a step back, and take an honest look at how it is I came to be here.

This honour wasn't handed to me. Did I have help and encouragement along the way? Absofreakinlutely!!!

This wasn't an accident or a fluke. I've worked very hard to make it happen. I've had to be bold when I felt timid. I've had to crush every comfort zone that fictitiously lived in my head, I had to push, research, strike deals, and learn more than I ever thought would be necessary along the way.This was, and continues to be an incredible journey that presents both it's challenges as well as it's rewards.

One of the greatest rewards is to hang out with these incredible, future adults. I have the honour of reading them my stories, answering their questions, and hopefully helping them to connect the dots between dreams and reality.

You don't have to be from somewhere else, or be someone else for a dream to become a reality.

I know not every kid is an aspiring writer. But, if they can see someone, a real, regular person, a Mom/Auntie/Grandma person, turn her dream into a reality, maybe, just maybe, their dream becomes much more attainable to them. Maybe their "connect the dots" can start to take on more of a definitive shape, whatever it may be.

I know I am anything but alone when it comes to insecurities and negativity wanting to take up space and overshadow accomplishments.

To the rug pullers out there, I say, " Pull all you want,.My dream is flexible, strong and thinks well on it's feet. It will survive and thrive, just like it always has."

As for the upcoming week......................

The week at the shop is going to be busy, for sure.

At the end of this week is Halloween! Yay!

Costumes are decided and pretty much put together...............

Some rehearsal for the show we are doing has happened, but it would be great to squeeze in some more time for that...........

I need to get more copies of "Alfred" into McNally in Saskatoon for their marketing display for my upcoming signing event. (How cool does that sound!) Crazy!!!!

Then, Friday after work, it's off to entertain the ghouls and goblins in Denzil, for our karaoke show!

Looking forward to it, they are always a lot of fun and really put a ton of effort into costumes. It's always exciting to see what they will come up with!

So, until next time, I'll leave you with this wish....................

May you see your dreams for what they are, your reality that's yet to be.
May you understand they are attainable, unleash the desire, just set it free.

May you take the steps to live the life you want, for standing still leads only to where you are.
May you understand that the first steps can be small, but in multitudes, they carry you far.

May you see that the life you desire is not a gift, nor brought forth through another's decision.
May you know in your soul you completely deserve every happiness you can possibly envision.

Until next time.......

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