Saturday, December 20, 2014

However, Whatever, Wherever, Do It Up!


These shots were taken about 100 metres from my house. I am, and always will be forever grateful for the peaceful, wide open spaces in which we live, and for the incredible childhood such a setting provided for our girls.

I am forever grateful...........

I went grocery shopping the other day, filling my cart with things I would need to make Christmas dinner and all the treats that go along with it. In the middle of one of the aisles, I was hit with a memory as heavy and hard as a brick.  The memory of tracking and adding up every single thing I was putting in the cart, debating the level of need for each item, calculating the taxes and running total as I went along. The memory of getting to the till and praying I hadn't missed anything in my calculations that would mean returning items under the watchful eyes of the long line up behind me at the check out. The sweaty-hand moment when I would hope like hell I didn't miscalculate any automatic payments at the bank, or any cheques that may not have gone through the bank yet, anything at all that may mean the debit machine at the store coming back with that dreaded response..."insufficient funds".

For those of you out there who are living this struggle right now, just know that if you can just hang in there, just keep going, keep trying, it gets better.  You just can't quit. You can never quit.

I am forever grateful that now, I am able to not only get what we need, but have the privilege of adding things, here and there, to the sadly, ever necessary food bank bins in the corner of every store.

I am forever grateful.

Our girls grew up in a place where they could play outside until dark, knock on any door for help if they needed it, really know everybody they went to school with and suffer loss without losing themselves. They're childhoods weren't perfect, but never did they have to fear violence, abandonment, or neglect. Never did they have to live with uncertainty, or insecurity.

This should be every child's right. Not a privilege.

I am forever grateful..........

As winter settles in, let's keep in mind those who struggle to find a warm place to sleep at night, or enough food on any given day. Maybe take a few minutes and go through your closets, and maybe donate that old winter coat you don't wear any more, boots, scarves, mitts, toys, blankets....I think you get where I'm going with this. Something that is sitting, unused, in the corner of your closet could make a huge difference to somebody else.

As I cozy up with my hubby on our nice soft couch, in our warm house, sipping hot tea.....

I am forever grateful.......

Soooooooo, Christmas is just around the corner, the gifts are wrapped, most of the baking is done and the house is looking very Christmassy.  I am so looking forward to having everybody home under one roof again. Even if it is for a short while.  There will be a lot of laughter, game playing, little ones running around, Christmas music, and a bunch of good food. Who could ask for anything better. Not me.

I am forever grateful.........

So that about does it for this week,

Until next time, I'll leave you with this wish..............

May your holidays be filled joy and laughter, family, good food, great friends.
May the happiness this special time brings, stay with you, may it never end.

May you witness unbridled excitement as the wee ones open their gifts.
May you truly soak it in, for nothing else in this life will give your soul such a lift.

May you take a moment in all of the din, to breathe in the contentment so sweet.
May you see all that matters is right in front of you, they are your life, your very heart beat.

However you celebrate, whatever you celebrate, wherever you celebrate, make sure you Do it up! Happy Holidays!

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